10 Gardening Influencers to follow

Gardening influencers are a community full of passionate and dedicated people willing to help others with their green journey. Gardening holds a special place in our hearts; planting, growing, and caring for our green earth definitely brings us great joy! To help you in delving deeper into their world, we’ve compiled a list of 10 incredible gardening influencers who will undoubtedly dazzle you with their content.



Did you ever wonder how to grow bigger strawberries? Or how to maximise the growth of the fennel? No worries, Patrick has all the answers and even more! This vegetable chief growth officer teaches you how to upgrade your garden and enjoy the process of planting. It sounds great to us!



Becky is not only a great ecologist and botanist, but she’s also a freelance garden writer and a co-host of @the.seed.pod podcast based in Devon, UK. Her profile is full of beautiful pictures and inspirational stories – definitely worth following!



Timothy shares his knowledge and tips about gardening that are really helpful if you want to start to grow your own plants or simply educate yourself. Either way, Timothy’s page is a great source of wisdom so we recommend checking it out!



Honey! So sweet! Paula enjoys keeping bees and sharing her organic journey with her followers. Her content is a great opportunity to learn more about these little friends so don’t hesitate and stay longer or her page!



20 years is a lot, right? That’s how long Debbie’s garden has been expanding so far! And it’s still growing.  Plants and animals – Is there a better combination?



Hayley is based in Sussex and shares sustainability tricks,  self-sufficiency and some DIYs. Her profile is full of guides and precious knowledge. For example – how to make your own confetti and deadheading your plants at the same time! For more go visit her page, you won’t be disappointed!



Tanya is not only focusing on gardening but she also makes soaps! Also, just looking at those beautiful photos makes us happy! This versatile creator offers so much value on her page that it is a sin not to check it out.



Next to a beautiful gardening page! Jessie teaches how to bring a plant back from the dead, how to repot an old plant and much more. She’s not only active on Instagram but she also has 1 Million followers on TikTok.  Her content is clear and really pleasing to the eye so, if you haven’t already, go ahead and follow Jessie!



Have you ever heard of Luffa sponge? If not, Amy’s page is a perfect place to learn more! Her cottage garden is full of colourful veg, blooms and positive energy. Oh, and you’ll also find happy hens! So, what do you need more?



Tom, a garden designer and a landscape architect shares his work and beautiful views with his followers. If you’re interested in learning about tips on how to design your dream garden, Tom’s page is a great place to get some inspiration!

That was our top gardening micro influencers to watch out for! Looking for more influencers? Check out our curated lists here.

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