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10 Influencers with Trendy and Colorful Sustainable Fashion Ideas for Summer

As the world of fashion grows and the many different trends and fads expand, we are always looking to expanding our wardrobe. On top of wanting to know the latest fashion, the threat to the planet also is heavy within our minds. In a world of influencers and content creators it is beginning to be increasingly more difficult to be unique and reach a certain demographic. It is becoming quite popular to incorporate sustainable items into everyday use to save the planet.

As we spring into spring and summer there are a few influencers that can help with earth friendly finds that are sustainable and have vibrant color palettes. Shedding outer layers for swim suits and sun dresses look to these innovative women. Here is a list of influencers that offer up unique perspectives into the world of sustainable fashion.

Izzy Manuel @izzy_manuel

Izzy has so much personality and spunk. She will lead you down a very fun and colorful side of fashion. The carefree attitude shown in her outfits is something to inspire many.

Nayna Florence Patel @naynaflorence

Nayna has an earthy vibe while also being free spirited. Her casual looks offer a natural vibe. Though these pieces she wears seem simple, the way she pairs with simple accessories make this style easy to come by.

Tam @onestylishmoo

Tam offers a grungier fashion sense while also being quite trendy. She offers many different types of trends in the looks she serves. If you are looking for casual and ‘fetching’ vibes, look no further.

Rosie @rosieokotcha

Rosie offers up her very own unique sense of style. She goes for the more vintage style of the fashion world. She offers a rare perspective in thrifting correctly and finding exactly what is necessary for specific events under a certain budget.

Eva @evamillicentt

Eva also has a very free spirited outlook on fashion. It is very unique in the sense that she likes to reuse pieces but it different ways than the last. Pairing black with colors is her go to vibe.

Venetia La Manna @venetialamanna

Venetia offers a very simple sense of style. Though this speaks volumes for many. Some do not need an aggressive sense to show personality. Venetia has a little bit of all of us within her basic vibes.

Jade @thriftyfinnie

Jade gives off a very vibrant vibe. A lover of life. She shows that she uses sustainable friendly pieces as well as her keen eye for thrifting fun and colorful pieces.

Farihah Choudhury @easypeasysustainability

Farihah is very natural in her fashion. She is an activist for protecting the planet and her Instagram helps bring information to those who follow her about reusing clothing items for more sustainable fashion.

Elle @elinorcharlotte

If you are looking for a color crazy style, look no further than Elle! She loves the planet but also has a wild personality and a love for out there looks.

Phoebe @pashun4fashun_

Phoebe shoes off the more business casual vibe of sustainable fashion. In this day, the business world is becoming more woman motivated. Phoebe gives her outlook on sustainable and vintage business woman look.

Hopefully this is helpful if you are in need of a bit of sprucing for your wardrobe for the summer. There is something here for everyone.

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