10 Wellness Micro Influencers to follow

Here are Exploratree we believe our bodies are our temples (…at least until next Friday rolls around!). If you’ve found this article, you probably don’t need us to convince you on the professional or personal opportunity that wellness can present for you but, here are the figures anyway; According to a study done by Mckinsey, 79 percent of consumers said they believe that wellness is important.

“42% of consumers consider wellness a top priority”

Mckinsey, 2020

In addition, 42 percent consider it a top priority and it’s estimated that the wellness market will be worth 1.5 trillion dollars in the next 2 years. So without further ado, here are our favourite 10 wellness influencers to get you started on your personal or professional journey into wellness.

Sassy Gregson-Williams

A departed ballerina, Sassy now educates barre via BalletBarre By Sassy. She’s a favourite for those looking to get lean and toned. Her plant-based recipes are again proof that removing meat and dairy from your life needn’t be uninteresting

Go Follow @Naturally.Sassy 

The Goddess Space

Anoushka creates spirited, sacred spaces for women that support and empower them according to ancient spiritual practices. In her feed you can find one-on-one sessions, nomadic women’s circles, and intimate ritual gatherings – head over for an instant dose of peace.

Follow @TheGoddessSpace 

Maia Well Co.

As we all looked for ways to move more mindfully during lockdown, London-based Maia’s online Pilates platform took off. Through her Instagram, you’ll be taken on a journey of slow, low-impact movements that nourish your body and mind. 
Follow @Maia.WellCo

Eve Kalinik 

After several years studying nutrition, Eve has become an expert on gut health. To help you on your journey to the perfect gut she ha also written two bestselling books. For microbe-friendly recipes, give her a follow. 
Follow @EveKalinik


From tips to reach a yoga pose you may be struggling with to de-stressing at work, // has got it all. Her positive phrases and mantras to keep us breathing deeply and smiling. For a great source of daily motivation give them a follow.

Follow @yogainspiration


Naturopath, Georgia Harding has a focus on healthy eating. She’s also a food photographer, capturing stunning pics of her delicious recipes. Georgia gives practical health tips to make cooking healthier, to reduce oil and sugar and eat your way to wellness.

Follow @wellnourished

Jules Acree 

Texan native, Jules Acree is all about living a more intentional, simpler lifestyle. Her ‘mindful videos’, which are crammed with advice from workday organising to house decluttering. Follow for helpful ideas and all things green!

Follow @julesacree

Jo Portia

San Francisco based Jo is a sexual wellness coach helping women feel empowered to express themselves. We love her thought provoking texts that help her followers towards self-love, body positivity and acceptance.

Follow: @iamjoportia

Annie Clarke 

With Annie Clarke’s online platform The Practice, you’ll find whole classes, meditations, and chill out playlists to complement your workouts. 
Follow @AnnieClarke_

Bryony Deery 

Brianna is a Pilates instructor at the Bulgari Hotel’s Workshop Gymnasium. Follow her for her plant-based recipes and workout inspiration that will help you tone up and get lean easy! 
Follow @BryonyDeery

Kira West 

New York Native and entrepreneur Kira teaches wellness through travel and fitness and food. Running, strength training, and mindfulness tips are a few of the ways she challenges the mind and body. 
Follow @ByKWest

Lottie Murphy

Pilates aficionado Lottie Murphy believes leading a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be a chore. In addition to proving that workouts don’t have to be intense to be effective, she takes a realistic approach, making her just as likely to be spotted eating an almond croissant as she is exercising.
Follow @LottieMurphy_

That was our top wellness micro influencers to watch out for! Looking for more influencers? Check out our curated lists here.

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