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12 Apps To Help On Your Sustainable Journey By @Bethany_eco_

Sometimes we all need a hand to progress on our sustainable journeys and apps can be a great place to start!

A special thank you to Bethany of @bethany_eco_ for putting this post together and helping you all to take another step towards a green lifestyle.

Without further ado, let’s jump into Bethany’s favourite app for green living.

1. Refill

Finds the nearest water refill station so you can fill up your reusable bottle and avoid buying single-use plastic bottles.

Great way to save money, help the environment and much less awkward than asking a random shop owner if they’ll refill your bottle!

2. Good on You

Rates fashion brands so you can find out the impact of the clothes you’re buying on people, the planet and animals.

Brands are rated from 1 (‘We Avoid’) to 5 (‘Great’) and a great feature of the app is that it recommends other brands that are similar in style to fast fashion brands that don’t rank highly. Another fab part of the app is the ‘Offers’ section which has loads of discount codes for sustainable fashion brands.


Connects neighbours who want to take part in food-sharing, with the aim of reducing food waste.

But… It’s not just food! OLIO also has a non-food section where you can find clothes, kitchen items, books and more. There’s also a ‘Goals’ tab which lets you take part in challenges that help you lead a more sustainable life.

4. TooGoodToGo

Rescue food from bakeries, restaurants and food shops that wasn’t sold that day and would otherwise be thrown away… You can find some really tasty treats at bargain prices!

The app shows you all the places nearby that have food leftover. Once you find somewhere you like, you buy a ‘magic bag’ filled with goodies that are still perfectly edible but haven’t been sold. Part of the fun is that you don’t know exactly what you’re getting until you go to pick up your bag, but rest assured it’s great value for money!

5. Karma

Lets you rescue unsold food from nearby restaurants, cafes and grocery shops that would otherwise be thrown away.

You can pick up items half-price, saving you money and helping the planet too! The idea is similar to TooGoodToGo, with the main difference being you can pick specific items rather than having a goodie bag with a mix of random items.

6. Bikemap

Provides loads of cycling routes around the world to help people exercise and reduce pollution at the same time.

Grab your bike and start exploring!

7. Ecosia

A search engine that plants trees when you search online.

Simply download the app and start searching! There’s even a tree counter that shows how many trees your searches have planted. You can also get a chrome extension to switch your default desktop search engine from Google to Ecosia.

8. Fat Llama

Lets you rent out and borrow belongings with people nearby… so why not think twice before buying something new?

If you have something to lend, just take a picture, write a brief description and price your item by the day, week or year. The really cool thing about this app is that insurance, up to £25,000, is included as standard (just make sure to take a picture or video as evidence of the item working before you hand it over to the borrower).

9. Kitche

Makes it easy to keep track of the food you have at home and when it goes off, helping you to reduce food waste and save money.

You can use the app to scan the receipt from the supermarket and all your items will be added to your virtual pantry! You can add reminders to items so that Kitche alerts you as a product is reaching its best before date. Cleverly, it also suggests great recipes based on the food you already have!

10. LoveCleanStreets

Lets you report environmental issues such as graffiti, fly-tipping, potholes, dog mess and more, making sure it gets sent to the right people.

What’s really cool is that the relevant local authority will be made aware of the issue and you can track the progress of action being taken.

11. Giki Badges

Lets you scan the barcodes of thousands of UK supermarket products to see if they are sustainable, healthy and fair.

This app rates products based on different factors such as carbon emissions, palm oil use, packaging, and awards badges based on their eco credentials. Once you scan a product barcode and see its rating, Giki also suggests alternative products that have been awarded more badges so you can chose a more sustainable, healthier and fairer product if you wish!

12. My Footprint

Get involved in everyday challenges to help you live more sustainably.

This app from the WWF has a wide range of challenges to do with food, energy and nature to help stop climate change. Browse to find ones that are right for you, check your progress, and make it a competition by getting your family and friends involved. It also keeps you up to date with the latest facts and information about climate change.

Thanks again to Bethany for writing such an informative and detailed post!

We hope there’s an app for everyone on here, no matter what stage of your eco-journey you’re at or what area of sustainability is most important to you 🙂

Author Bio

Bethany is a French and Sustainability graduate who started her eco-based Instagram account @bethany_eco_ during lockdown to share tips and tricks, product reviews, crafty makes and more!

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