15 Essential Fashion and Lifestyle Influencers

When looking for Fashion and Lifestyle ideas, there’s almost too much choice out there. That’s why we’ve picked out 15 of our favourite Fashion and Lifestyle content creators that are totally essential to follow for outfit, travel and style inspiration!

Tia Mayall 


Tia loves an adventure, and can be found all around England, taking great pictures wherever she goes. This is helped not only by the amazing backgrounds, but even more so by the outfit choices she makes. If you’re looking for outfit inspiration, or a day out exploring, Tia’s instagram can act as your guide. 



Tanya’s enviable lifestyle involves hopping from place to place, whether it be European cities or beach getaways. Tanya also has a wardrobe to match, wherever you may find her, and this is equally enviable. For holiday or outfit inspiration, Tanya’s instagram is essential, whatever the season, location or event. 



Jennifer loves to jet around the world. With great holiday outfits for all occasions, if you’re heading down to the beach, or having a late dinner, Jennifer has an idea for you. When in England you can find her visiting the best restaurants around, or cruising around in lavish cars. To see more, take a visual dive into her world via her Instragram. 

Leah Germain 


Whether she’s in luxury hotels, NASCAR races, trekking or walking in Miami swim week, Leah is well worth a follow. Just to catch up with her antics would be enough reason, but also to catch the amazing array of outfits – obviously needed considering the versatility of her events! We know what we’ve written doesn’t sound realistic, so if you don’t believe us, go and check her page out! 



Bridget always looks chic, whether she’s out getting a cocktail in a dress, or grabbing a Starbucks in her comfys. The aesthetic of her account, and the way she manages to change colour tones throughout is worth going for, but you’ll stay for the outfit ideas once you’re there. If you’re trying to look cool, but aren’t sure how, head over to Bridget’s Instagram to find out how. 



When Jessica isn’t campaigning for mental health (a great side of her account which we commend her for!), she’s out grabbing the best cocktails in Cork. Matched with her fun outfits, Jessica’s lifestyle is well worth watching through the medium of Instagram. Check it out! 



Breeze can be seen strolling around Essex, often with a coffee in hand, sporting a glamorous get up. She also loves to head out to drinks with friends and is a dancer. If you’re looking for your next drink spot and the outfit to go with it, follow Breeze for all things fashion and lifestyle. 



Chloe’s style is strictly cool and she can be seen wearing her Jordans to luxurious food and drink spots. Whether it’s cocktails or coffee, pasta or pancakes, you can be sure Chloe will have you covered. Chloe also loves a good pair of sunglasses, perfect for the summer months, we’re sure you’ll agree her collection is sublime. Take a look for yourself by clicking above. 



Georgia must be one of the most stylish Mums around, she can often be found looking super fresh whilst out with her son at the zoo. She also loves to head to the hotspots in Chester, all whilst wearing clothes that are on-trend, with her own twist on them. Her trouser collection is worth checking her Instagram out for alone, go and see for yourself. 



This Leeds lady loves a lavish holiday abroad to the beach – don’t we all! If you’re looking for your next holiday outfit, suitable for the beach, Ella is a go-to. If you’re looking to stock up on your going out clothes, Ella’s ideas are essential. If you need any help with pretty much all things fashion and lifestyle Ella is a must! So hurry up and get going and check out her Instagram above. 



Jade loves heading out for drinks, and always has a new outfit ready to go. She also cares a lot about mental health and looks to share her thoughts on instagram, something that really is great and we encourage. Jade’s style is fluid, depending on where she’s going, but if you’re wanting to look chic at all times, then have a look at her Instagram for inspiration. 



Finding a picture of Jodie on her instagram is not an easy task, she cares purely for fashion. Jodie and jewellery go hand in hand, and her hands are always looking glam. We honestly love her gold accessories, and couldn’t recommend anyone more highly to be your jewellery inspiration. She has the most stunning wardrobe, with all items in a wardrobe covered, and the aesthetic of her Instagram is worth following her for alone. Jodie also loves a coffee, and reading fashion magazines (no surprises there!), but most importantly is a full time Mum. Head over to see how she manages to parent, whilst looking so fabulous all the time. 



Tanielle’s different outfits are always cool, calm and perfected. She wears everything from biker shorts to leather jeans, and has an individual take when combining items. She also loves coffee, and reading magazines, as well as supporting the importance of mental health, which we love. To see more, head over to her profile. 



Ame loves a day trip out, and is full of ideas for you. She can be spotted anywhere from the beach to the football. She must be the most stylish football fan that’s ever been spotted in Southampton, and definitely has an outfit appropriate for whatever you’re doing. She also loves art and makeup, a woman with many interests and outfits! To see for yourself, have a look at her Instagram. 



Gee loves day trips, her dog and fashion. She can be found strolling around with her gorgeous canine friend Luna. It’s worth following her just for the adorable Luna content. Gee has a lot of different styles for you to emulate, from activewear to long skirts, with each one put together stylishly. To see Luna and more, head over to Gee’s Instagram.

Hopefully these Fashion and Lifestyle influencers can offer you the inspiration and tips you need for all your style needs. Be sure to check out their Instagram accounts and give them a follow to stay up to date with all their new content!

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