3 Influencer Marketing Case Studies with Amazing Results

Influencer Marketing

In recent years, influencer marketing has risen in popularity. From a basic tactic to an essential component of a company’s marketing budget – It is undoubtedly something that every brand
should be aware of. 

In order to delve into this booming industry, it is always worth looking at the successful influencer marketing campaigns – after all, analysing real-life situations allows you to understand this phenomenon from a practical perspective which, in turn, could inspire your business’s strategy.

The case studies presented in this article are excellent examples of how influencer marketing campaigns can be used to elevate your brand and help build your audience!

Hello Fresh – the winners of 2020 Influencer Marketing Awards

Hello Fresh is an online food delivery company renowned for a variety of menu options for customers. Its’ business model is focused on charging clients a subscription fee.

They were the winners of 2020 Influencer Marketing Awards.

But, how did they achieve it?

With the help of TV host Davina McCall, Hello Fresh gathered 15 UK influencers to showcase their cooking habits and encourage followers to join the #RefreshWithHelloFresh trend.


The target consumers { females in their 20s to 30s} shared the same values as Hello Fresh – health, lifestyle and fitness. This was the key to the campaign’s success. The content full of entertaining and appetising recipes made with solely fresh ingredients engaged the target audience and allowed them to show off their own creativity.


After the campaign, Hello Fresh achieved 274% more impressions and 325% extra content. Moreover, their Instagram account skyrocketed in the number of followers since May 2019 – the time they started their campaign. As a result, this promotion achieved HelloFresh’s goals for content production and brand exposure in the UK market.

Audible – the world of micro-influencers

Another brand that successfully employs the influencer marketing strategy is Audible – one of the largest online audiobook and podcast services. Although Audible usually works with big-name influencers with large audiences, the campaign in which Audible partnered with smaller creators yielded excellent results. 


The company decided to focus on engagement in order to establish a genuine connection with its audience. This was especially crucial given that Audible offers a monthly membership service. This is why the brand chose to work with content creators who resonate well with their followers. A personal bond made the whole collaboration more authentic and valid in the eyes of consumers.

For example, Jesse Driftwood, a video creator with less than 100,000 followers at that time, recommended Audible to his engaged audience.

Abhishek Dekate, another digital creative with less than 30,000 followers, also took part in the campaign. He promoted Audible to his followers by explaining how their service helps him. For example, it allowed him to enjoy breaks from a stressful industry.


Both of these collaborations felt genuine because the influencers spoke about their personal experiences of using the platform. In addition they encouraged their audience to get their first audiobook for free.  

With the help of the micro-influencers, Audible gained an involved and active audience – a valuable asset to the company. This shows that focusing on engagement rather than follower count pays off when it comes to the long-term success of the brand.

Dunkin’ – knowing your goals and doing the research on the audience


So, by now we know collaborations with micro-influencers can bring a lot of value to our brand, right? However, it is also important to know how to successfully navigate yourself within the world of the bigger influencers! Let’s switch the perspective and look at how Dunkin was able to boost its sales and refresh its image by collaborating with a larger creator. 

Dunkin’ is a restaurant with a wide range of coffees and beverages. Since their competitor, Starbucks, became a worldwide superstar among Gen Z, Dunkin’ chose to team up with a popular influencer to promote their brand among younger customers.


The choice fell on Charli D’Amelio – the most famous TikTok personality! Dunkin’ was aware of Charli’s success and knew that most of her followers are in the 10s-20s age range. 

And then, the magic happened!

A significant element of the collab was a contest where the company invited Charli’s fans to recreate ‘an iconic Charli x Dunkin’ moment using #CharliXDunkinContest. ‘ 

As a prize, the five winners had a chance to have a virtual meeting with Charli.  

Moreover, Dunkin expanded their campaign by creating exclusive Charli content like an Instagram filter, stickers and an official limited Dunkin’ drink ‘The Charli’. 


The collab with the teenage TikTok star was a huge success. Dunkin’ broke a new record for daily users on its app on the day her drink was released, with a 57% increase in downloads. 

The brand also reported a 20% rise in cold brew sales and 100K+ ‘The Charli’ drink purchases in just five days.

Collaborations with big influencers are especially useful when we want to expose a brand or product to a larger audience or foresee major changes. Dunkin’ gained a large Gen Z audience, totally transforming its brand image in the eyes of its younger followers.

The cases above are excellent examples of how determining the campaign’s goals and conducting thorough research on the influencer and target audience can upgrade your business. Marketers should always be adaptable and ready to discover new things. Influencer marketing brings a lot of possibilities and is rich in creativity, so studying different marketing case studies could be really helpful in getting new ideas!

That was our low down on 3 valuable influencer marketing case studies to remember for your next digital marketing campaign. Still looking for some more advice? Be sure to check out our influencer marketing series here.

Featured image Illustration by Rosina Gavrilash from Ouch!

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