Now more than ever, people are increasingly conscious of the origins behind their favourite beauty products. According to a new study by Global data, 35% of consumers are looking for cruelty free beauty products. With that in mind, we’ve collated our favourite cruelty free influencers on instagram to inspire you towards some more ethical purchases.

“35% of consumers are looking for cruelty free beauty products”

Global data, 2019


Claire Buchanan

Canadian based Claire features everything cruelty free on her crueltyfreewithme blog. From vegan recipes to must have skin care products she’s got it all. Additionally, her collated lists on amazon are a great place to get started.



Turkish born Busra is passionate about informing consumers on the brands they are using. So check out her brand round up posts to keep in the cruelty free loop.



We love UK based Molly’s style of posts compared to other cruelty free influencers. There’s no over the top editing or crazy angles. Instead, just good old fashioned simple shots of uk market products that are all cruelty free.



Grace is a self proclaimed ‘cruelty free, vegan beauty bestie’. She also reviews cruelty free products on her youtube.



Italian born Marinda recently moved to Edinburgh. So she’s got great recommendations for where to shop and where to eat in Scotland.

That was our top 5 cruelty free influencers to watch out for on instagram. Looking for more influencers? Check out our curated lists here.

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