14 Creative Beauty Influencers To Help You Look Your Best

With so many options when it comes to beauty, whether it be products, techniques or influencers, it can become a bit overwhelming. Help us help you, by checking out our list of beauty influencers who can guide you in all things beauty.

As freedom day approaches, it’s needed now more than ever!

Nora B


When Nora’s not grabbing lunch at the trendiest hotspots in London, you can catch her making herself look her best and teaching others too as well. Tips on tanning, nails and keeping your skin smooth can all be found on her channel, so if you’re in need of some beauty tips Nora can help you out. 

Mikayla Marie


Mikayla Marie has every base of beauty covered. Hair vitamins, skin products, weight loss drinks, cleansing creams, the list goes on. Mikayla knows her beauty products inside out, and whatever the beauty crisis, Mikalya has your remedy. When Mikayla’s not making herself look flawless, you’ll find her drinking coffee and reading. Do some reading of your own and head over to her Instagram to see all things beauty. 



B loves to take care of her skin, and has a number of products that could be your secret for your next ‘glow up’. B can be spotted taking cool pictures as she travels around, but you know behind that camera is a beauty product professor. It doesn’t just stop with skin, with razors to healthy drinks covered, follow B for her beautiful pictures, and her even better beauty tips. 



Flossie is usually strutting round London, visiting drinks spots, or heading off to the best fashion designers in the capital. Before she heads out though, Flossie is using the best products to head to the best shopping spots. Makeup products are a particular favourite of Flossie’s so if you want to add that extra touch of the makeup brush, Flossy can guide you to which products should be used. 



Bonnie’s work with a makeup brush is probably more accurately described as art. Much of her makeup on her page shows off her skills in an almost fictional sense, with halloween inspiration galore. However she also has inspiration for your next night out, with fun and incredibly skilful makeup ideas executed to perfection. If you’re looking to jazz up your makeup ideas, Bonnie has an abundance of tricks for you to choose from. 



Whether Hannah is out at the best places in Essex, or at home practicing her piano, you can guarantee she’ll have a flawless face of makeup on. Her attention to detail on her eyebrows is something anyone can learn from, with eye makeup also used in a fun, stylish way. To see just what we mean, take a visual dive into her instagram. 



Eye makeup is Chloe’s most striking skill when it comes to beauty products. Playing with bright colours and fun designs makes Chloe stand out from the crowd. If you’re looking to do the same, then get following Chloe, and you’ll not be short of ideas.



Having featured Monique in our fashion roundup, Monique can also give you your makeup creativity. Monique has a load of different beauty products on her channel, with skincare being her most frequently visited topic of beauty. If you are trying to match your makeup to your favourite going out clothes, Monique is a great example of how to match makeup to bright colourful outfits. To see what we mean, head over to her instagram. 



Amy’s instagram really is the quintessential beauty page, and skincare is her bread and butter. Funky nails are dotted throughout as well, with stunning colours and patterns giving anyone nail envy. If you’re looking to have the best dressed hands, or best kept skin, Amy’s instagram is essential for you. 



Sarah’s instagram deals with all things hair. If you’re looking to impress with your locks, Sarah has all the products and techniques you could ever need. Eye makeup is another strongpoint of hers, with skincare also featured. If any of those interest you (and let’s be honest, they do!), then check out her instagram above. 



Another makeup genius featured in the form of Marlené. As you can see, she can magic up incredible designs, as well as more reserved and simple designs. Either way, you are guaranteed to be impressed by her feed, as well as encouraged to explore the many ways you can wear your makeup. Go and follow Marlené for guaranteed fascination with makeup. 



Lorna loves to head out for drinks, and is always in a great outfit, and stunning makeup. She has a great eye for eye makeup (pardon the pun), and pairs her clothes with her products incredibly well. If you’re looking for some makeup ideas for when you’re out and about, go and take a look at Lorna’s instagram to see how it’s done. 



Saarah has a particular interest in skincare, and does a lot of videos to run you through her routine. This is really useful for people unsure of how to make best use of their skincare products. With such a massive range of products spoken about on her instagram, we guarantee she will have some useful products for you, regardless of what your skin needs. Don’t believe us? Go and have a look yourself. 



Tia’s eyebrow and eye makeup are essential for anyone in need of some inspiration in those areas. Tia is very fashionable, and compliments her makeup to her clothes. This can be hard to match so let Tia teach you by heading over to her instagram. 

Hopefully these beauty influencers can offer you the inspiration and tips you need this summer. Be sure to check out their Instagram accounts and give them a follow to stay up to date with all their new content!

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