7 Perks of Affiliate Campaigns for Bloggers and Influencers

If you are a social media influencer, blogger or content creator then you’ll almost certainly have tried out an affiliate campaign or two in your time. These can be an incredibly lucrative option for those looking to monetise their audience, though, the truth is it takes a lot of hard work, dedication and, most of all, time to really make it in the affiliate game.

This begs the question, are they really worth it? Well, today we are going to answer that question by looking at some of the perks of sticking with affiliate campaigns and why you’re missing out if you’ve previously dismissed them. 

#1: You Choose Who You Work With

One of the greatest benefits of affiliate campaigns is you can effectively choose who you work with. Instead of brands reaching out, you can simply sign up to their program on an affiliate network or social shopping platform like 21Buttons or Like to know It and start promoting products straight away. 

Meaning that instead of having random brands contacting you and offering partnerships which don’t resonate with your message, you can collaborate with the brands you truly love. As a result, you are able to be more natural and authentic when communicating with your audience which is proven to increase engagement and community. 

#2: You Get to Be You

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Being authentic is the name of the game when it comes to influencer-brand partnerships and endorsements. 

Followers often perceive paid partnerships as ingenuine endorsements since the brand has directly compensated (and thereby incentivized) you to create the content, bringing its legitimacy and genuinity into question. Affiliate campaigns are the polar opposite, in most cases the brand has no say in whether you choose to endorse their products and so any endorsement will be seen as authentic by your followers.

Similarly, since affiliate campaigns allow you to recommend products you already own they often forge a stronger connection between you and the brand in your followers’ minds; this is much more likely to come across as genuine than a ‘fake’ endorsement of a brand you’ve never mentioned on your channel before. 

#3: It’s a Great Way to get Recognised by Brands

As a creator do you have a dream partnership? Well, for many newer channels this may seem far out of reach if you have a small audience and are still in the early stages of growth. 

One fantastic way to shine and boost your chances of getting noticed is to show your worth to brands by demoing the value you can bring to the table by creating a few simple promotional pieces with affiliate links attached. 

If you’ve previously focused on authenticity it is more than likely you’ll have an engaged audience who resonate with your content and are interested in the same products and services as you. Therefore, in all likelyhood you’ll be able to generate sales for the brand, increase your chances of being spotted and bring you one step closer to that dream partnership.

#4: Have Creative Freedom

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Are you sick of being told how to create content by brands?

We know one of the most common complaints among influencers is how brands often tell you how you should create/promote branded content. In fact, less than half (46%) of the influencers surveyed in a recent study trusted brands to work with them fairly, making it clear that marketers and influencers are wranglingX over creative control. After all, as ‘content creators’ you’d think brands would realise who is more likely to know best. Anyone should be able to understand this as the creators are the ones who know their audience best, having spent infinitely more time around them. 

Never worry about your creativity being impeded again with affiliate campaigns! You simply grab your affiliate link and the rest is up to you. Whether you want to create a TikTok video, make some new pins on Pinterest or simply do a few feed posts on your Instagram account, all is left up to you when you opt for affiliate-style campaigns. The more effort you put in the more sales you are likely to make!

#5: Choose When You Work

This segways nicely onto the next point; affiliate campaigns allow you to choose when to work. 

Forget worrying about campaign guidelines and requirements and whether you’ve met them all. Forget being chased by marketing managers or agencies and the endless rigmarole of working for someone else. Isn’t that one of the main drivers for many bloggers?

Affiliate campaigns are all on you, if you want to make thousands in earnings then you’ll need to start a quite few campaigns, create a whole load of content and promote it until the days done; whereas, if you want to make a few pennies here and there then just throw some links out into the worldwide web randomly. 

The beauty is that the work is there to be done if you want it – endless opportunity for monetizing your following.

#6: Benefit from Passive Income

Passive income is earnings made without any effort on your part once originally set up. In terms of affiliate campaigns this refers to the nature of how you make your money from them. When compared to a traditional paid post campaign where you are paid a one-time sum and your earnings are capped, affiliate campaigns can be a very attractive option as a good blog post can earn you good money months and even years after. Moreover, your earnings are only capped by the number of sales or clicks you generate.

Another perk of them being a form of passive income is that they don’t require a lot of maintenance, i.e. you don’t need to be sat at your computer to generate sales, they happen organically from the traffic you drive to your affiliate links from your channel, and so, you could be out walking your dog, on a camping trip or sat on a beach; all the while seeing sales roll into your account!

#7 It’s a Win-Win

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Affiliate campaigns benefit everyone, whether it’s you generating sales for the merchant, or them paying you a commission for your work. 

Knowing that everyone is getting a fair deal can completely change the outlook for all involved in the partnership; it can be a great motivator when executed fairly and a horrendous de-motivator if you’re the one who picked the short straw. 

Much better that everyone wins!

#8 Make it a Win-Win-Win

To get that extra ‘Win’ in there you can help do your part against the environment by using Kinsume, a new affiliate-marketplace for influencers and content creators who are looking to engage in affiliate campaigns and still do some good at the same time. 

Here, you can recommend products to your followers, create your own store, form a team with your followers to plant trees for every sale/purchase made and help make it a greener future for all!

Wrap Up

Ultimately, we know that as creators grow in size they are able to command higher rates for their content, however as affiliate campaigns are always available, risk-free, promote creative freedom and are a Win-Win, we see them as a killer option for those looking to supplement their traditional paid campaigns!

We may be biased but we think affiliate campaigns should be a no-brainer for all influencers and creators who want to provide a service to their audience by continually offering them solutions to their problems. 

Nowadays people don’t ask sales assistants in shops which model of the latest gadget to buy, they find out from influencers and content creators online. If you’re an influencer then you are a solution provider to your audience and by providing links in an authentic and appropriate manner you will only streamline your followers’ journey towards the solutions they oh so desire. 

If you’d like to keep reading on this topic I recommend checking out our post: “10 Reasons Why Affiliate Campaigns Fail” 

Thanks for reading!

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