8 Content Creators You Need to Follow for Beauty Inspiration in 2021

When it comes to beauty and makeup people are spoilt for choice in today’s market. This overload of options creates such a need for beauty bloggers and content creators who drive people towards the right products for them, while offering advice, tips and tricks along the way. 

Today, we’ve put together a list of our favourite influencers who create content on beauty and makeup so that you don’t have to do the research yourself! 

With everything from makeup artists to cruelty free activists and beauty loving mamas, this list has a little something for everyone. Check out the wonderful creators below and give them a follow to show your support!

Tanya Singh

@talkcheeky, cheekydimplesblog.com

Just another Blogger Next Door with a true passion for beauty, Tanya is on a journey of exploring hidden gems across France. The chances of finding her in a Museum is higher than in a Parisian cafe! 

Follow her or check out her blog, if you want to discover some of the fastest emerging makeup brands across Europe on a budget.

Zhana Hawkins


Zhana is a wholly honest and transparent beauty creator who never praises anything that’s not up to par in her eyes. She loves a good deal so is always on the hunt for codes/offers and bundles to share with her audience. 

In the past she has been vocal on overspending and believes it’s best to invest in a few products that actually work for you than have a drawer full of beauty items that are over hyped and underused. 

The reason she got into makeup in the first place was after surviving domestic abuse when she found it was a way to paint herself strong. Then, she fell in love with it because of the way it enables people to express themselves and be 100% unapologetically themselves.

Check out her Instagram feed to see colourful makeup styles, plenty of glitter and the odd festival pic!

Iram Mehr

@mehrshares, www.mehrshares.com

Iram is a UK based blogger who is also a full-time (and first-time) mama to her 9 month old daughter. With a solid presence online, she runs her social media accounts and Mehr Shares as a way to express her thoughts and opinions on beauty, fashion, lifestyle and everything in between. 

She first began her blogging journey sometime ago but really started to become committed to it back in January 2020, now boasting over 700 subscribers who follow her every move.

On her blog you’ll find her latest beauty reviews, travel recommendations and fashion posts. They’re definitely worth checking out!

Bryanna Skye

@bskye7, www.theecological.co.uk

Bryanna is a American blogger living in the UK whose sustainable journey started quite by accident. 

After taking up an Environmental Chemistry module during her undergraduate degree she was inspired to make changes in her life by her professor. During the module she learned about the harmful effects of ingredients, the consequences of mass-production, the devastation that was happening to the environment due to irresponsible handling/disposing of products, and “the sad reality of how ignorant I had been” – you’ve got to appreciate her honesty!

Now, she has been living as green as possible since 2013, eating less meat and animal products, sourcing local ingredients, buying items that aren’t harmful to the environment and constantly researching to better understand the impact of her habits. 

Bryanna’s main message to the world is that ethical and greener living is a journey. She believes in constantly learning and growing, and sees her role in offering advice, information and recommendations that make the switch to a greener lifestyle as easy as possible. 

“I like to remind people it’s not an overnight change – no throwing out all your non-eco products and starting new as that’s not sustainable. It’s about taking small steps and setting goals.”

Bryanna Skye

The focus of her blog and instagram account is on all things ethical including sustainable fashion, zero waste alternatives, and natural beauty and wellbeing. However, she does a lot with skincare/personal care as that is a main gateway for many people. 

“If someone is thinking about ingredients or packaging, I often find they eventually start to consider other aspects in their lives too. Everything is connected, and The ecoLogical is about making those links 💚”

Bryanna Skye

Vicky Farrell

@kabukirune, www.kabukirune.com

Vicky is a cruelty free beauty & ethical lifestyle blogger covering everything from beauty to mental health. She started her blog to develop her passion for makeup and beauty, to reach out to her fellow makeup junkies and to help people make the switch to cruelty free beauty. 

On her blog you’ll find honest, unbiased and authentic recommendations for cruelty free makeup from both drugstore and high-end products as she loves finding a good dupe of the expensive products to save a little extra dollar. As time has gone on she’s started to incorporate organic and sustainable products into her routine too. 

Vicky currently lives with her fiancé and cat, Loki in Torquay, Devon. As a big animal lover she believes that no animal should be harmed for our own vanity and that’s why she does all the hunting and research for you to make your switch to a sustainable makeup routine easier. 

She’s also a coffee lover with a passion for writing and creating content, making her an all round creative perfect for any ethical and sustainable brand collaborations.

Terri Lynch


Terri is a content creator and makeup artist based in Wales whose focus is promoting positivity in plus size women and mothers.

“After having children your body changes and that’s ok, everyone is different and should be comfortable with whatever size they are.”

Terri Lynch

She also supports Alopecia sufferers by posting wig-less selfies to encourage people (men and women) to feel confident and happy with who they are and to remember that your hair does not define your beauty.

There’s something for everything on her Instagram feed which sports her favourite makeup tips and tricks for different eye shapes, face shapes and creative levels. On here, she enjoys showing off her creativity, expressing herself through art and giving honest advice on the best products on the market as well as any brands/products that she feels aren’t up to scratch. 

Rosanna Harrison-Pope

@lifeofroblog, www.thelifeofro.com

Rosanna is a blogger who is passionate about sustainability and shopping independent. She lives in Liverpool and talks a lot about the local independents based near to her. 

She regularly gives her top tips on being kind to our planet via her blog, Lifeofroblog. As an animal lover she believes that all skincare and beauty products should be cruelty-free. By sharing her adventures in the great outdoors with her Labrador, Wyre, as well as all the best dog friendly places, she promotes cruelty free beauty and conscious living in a truly authentic manner. Her goal is to become more mindful and live in the moment (like her lab does!).

Also a massive foodie and veggie, she’s not really into fancy stuff but loves anything fresh, good quality and home-made from scratch. Finally, when it comes to fashion she’s all about slow fashion and loves vintage clothes, especially twirling around in fab vintage dresses!

Cindy Ling 


Cindy moved from Dublin, Ireland to Surrey 4 years ago. Her passion for the environment has always been a part of her life. During the last two years of her undergraduate degree at university, she majored in Environmental Science. She then began sharing her beauty/skincare journey last year on Instagram, mainly creating content regarding products that she enjoyed using. Lately, she’s made changes so most of her skincare products are natural, cruelty-free and vegan while supporting brands with positive environmental ethics.

Currently, she works in Digital Marketing. Two of her main goals for the future are: to one day be fully committed to using more natural beauty/skincare products and to work for a beauty company that carries sustainable environmental impacts. This will combine two of her ultimate passions, one being beauty/skincare, and the other, the environment. 

“The environment around us is ever-changing, and if we all could play just a small part in preserving it, we as humans will benefit, and everything around us will benefit too. I am no expert, just a girl who loves sharing her experiences.”

Cindy Ling 

Whether you’re here for makeup styles and inspiration or to learn more about cruelty free and ethical beauty, this list of creators is for you!

I hope you enjoyed this personal insight into some of these fantastic ladies’ lives, why they do what they do and how their passions came to be. 

We certainly found their stories inspiring, we’d love to know who will you be following and why?

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Join the discussion and tell us your opinion.

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