Are You a Fast Fashion Victim? By Martina Lubian

If you need to go shopping every other day to get new clothes, let me tell you, you are a fast fashion victim.

But you are not alone. I used to go shopping every sale season. Did I need new clothes? Absolutely not. Could I stop myself from entering the shops almost everyday to search for a bargain? Not really. 

How to avoid fast fashion & dress more sustainably - The Waste Management &  Recycling Blog

I am sure you know this feeling very well by now. And the reason we feel this way is that fast fashion is addictive. It is designed to make you feel great for at least 5 minutes.

When we start flirting with fast fashion shopping, especially from a young age, we are falling victims of the no-exit reel that is compulsive consumerism.

But here is a secret: you can get out of it, and it doesn’t involve – hardly ever – going to rehab. 

From Fast Fashion to Freedom

  • Open your eyes: As I mentioned earlier, I used to be a fast fashion victim. I didn’t care about the environment and certainly didn’t think fast fashion was hurting the planet or even my health. But that changed when, after starting working for a sustainable fashion platform, I began to read about how pollutant the fashion industry was. All that information opened my eyes and I couldn’t look away to the fact that I was part of the problem. 
Fast-Fashion Is Having Its Reckoning as Consumers Become More  Environmentally Conscious
  • Care less to care more: Most fast fashion victims are women. Why? Because society makes us believe we have to look pretty all the time, with our no make-up makeup and trendy clothes. But that is simply not true. Not only no one looks great all the time, but people should also have the right to not care about what other people think about their looks and focus on what they think about, not only themselves but the world. So, as strange as it sounds, caring less (about what people think of you), is caring more (about your own feelings and the world around you).
  • Embrace the freedom: Going shopping is very time consuming. After quitting fast fashion, I found myself having more time to do other things that brought more joy to my life. 2 years after having quitted, I can say I feel freer than ever. 

Not only because I have more time to spend on my projects, my friends and family but also because I don’t feel pressured to wear new clothes and look like I’m attending the Oscars everyday – although it would be nice to get invited. 

Did I convince you to quit fast fashion yet? If you don’t feel ready to do so, I would say… Why not try a month without shopping?

Major Fashion Companies Sign Pact Vowing To Reduce Industry's Environmental  Impact

You will, most likely, realise you have enough clothes. Maybe you even end up finding unworn items in your wardrobe. And think about how much money and time you will save!

Changing your lifestyle and the way you shop is never easy, but it is not impossible either. And I promise you, when you look back, you will realise how little you missed your past habits.

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Guest Writer Bio: Martina Lubian

Martina is a creative content producer, influencer and blogger with experience in both content creation and shoot production. Check out her blog to read more of her content and ideas here.

She’s a people’s person, highly organised, energetic and a creative problem solver who’s passionate about sustainable fashion & lifestyle and regularly creates content focused on the topic on her social channels. She’s also interested in carrying these ideas into content production practices to minimise the environmental impact they have. Follow her on her Instagram (@martina_lubian) to see her world in pictures!

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