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  • Why choose Influencer Marketing in 2022?

    When the pandemic first struck, marketeers and influencers alike were uncertain about the potentially devastating effect it would have on the influencer marketing industry. Worries about the effect of new FTC Regulations, follower farms and ethical implications of certain algorithms have also caused some to doubt viability of influencer marketing in 2022. However, despite all…

  • Nutrition Influencers to follow

    We’ve collated another of our 10 favourite wellness influencers.

  • 10 Wellness Micro Influencers to follow

    We’ve collated our 10 favourite wellness micro influencers.

  • Cruelty Free Influencers on Instagram to follow

    We’ve collated our favourite 5 cruelty free influencers on instagram to inspire you towards some more ethical purchases.

  • Influencer Campaign Types: Matched to your marketing goals

    How to Succeed with the Right Type of Influencer Campaign With such great potential for companies to raise brand awareness, establish valuable partnerships and boost sales, it’s no wonder that influencer marketing has become a core part of current digital marketing strategy. When you think of influencer marketing, the first thing that probably comes to…

  • Influencer campaign cartoon

    How To Write An Influencer Campaign Brief. [Template Included]

    So, you’ve got your product lined up, you’ve planned your influencer campaign and you’ve even picked a couple of your favourite influencers to implement it. What’s next? Now you need to create an attractive influencer campaign brief.

  • sustainable kitchen

    8 Sustainable Brands to Keep Your Kitchen Clean AND Green

    From refill packs to beeswax wraps, we’ve collated 8 of our favourite sustainable brands to start you on your journey to a greener (and cleaner!) kitchen.

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