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  • low angle view of shoes

    10 Influencers with Trendy and Colorful Sustainable Fashion Ideas for Summer

    As the world of fashion grows and the many different trends and fads expand, we are always looking to expanding our wardrobe. On top of wanting to know the latest fashion, the threat to the planet also is heavy within our minds. In a world of influencers and content creators it is beginning to be…

  • Influencer campaign cartoon

    How To Write An Influencer Campaign Brief. [Template Included]

    So, you’ve got your product lined up, you’ve planned your influencer campaign and you’ve even picked a couple of your favourite influencers to implement it. What’s next? Now you need to create an attractive influencer campaign brief.

  • Minimalism: 5 Ways Keeping Less Can Give You More

    We are used to the image of people basking in riches – sometimes literally, like well-known Scrooge McDuck diving in a pool filled with gold coins. However, nowadays, the form of wellness is starting to take a completely different form. Minimalism, a movement completely opposite to the traditional philosophy of luxury, is gaining more and more followers.

  • sustainable kitchen

    8 Sustainable Brands to Keep Your Kitchen Clean AND Green

    From refill packs to beeswax wraps, we’ve collated 8 of our favourite sustainable brands to start you on your journey to a greener (and cleaner!) kitchen.

  • The Local Creators Series: Bristol

    Whether you’re a Bristol-based small business looking to gain exposure and reach new people or you’re a well established brand looking to boost your reach in the South West area, this list of creators is for you!

  • The Local Creators Series: Manchester

    Whether you’re a Manchester-based small business looking to gain exposure and reach new people or you’re a well established brand looking to boost your reach in the Greater Manchester area, this list of creators is for you!

  • 9 Fashion Influencers You Need For Autumn Inspiration

    It’s that time of year again where the days are getting shorter, the trees a little leafless and coffee shops fill with the scent of their pumpkin spiced lattes. That’s right, we’re officially in Autumn and with the new season comes the chillier weather, making it that time of year to dig out your favourite warmer clothes, hats and scarves.

    Maybe you’re looking for some new styles to bolster your wardrobe for the new season. If so, these 9 fantastic fashion influencers have got the inspiration you need to make sure you’re looking as fresh as the crispy Autumn air.

  • Influencer Gifting Vs. Paid Collaborations: Which should You choose?

    Making a decision on how to engage influencers for your brand has become a hot topic in recent times.

    Learn all you need to know about which kind of campaign to run in this blog post!

  • 15 Essential Fashion and Lifestyle Influencers

    When looking for Fashion and Lifestyle ideas, there’s almost too much choice out there. That’s why we’ve picked out 15 of our favourite Fashion and Lifestyle content creators that are totally essential to follow for outfit, travel and style inspiration! Tia Mayall  @tia.mayall  Tia loves an adventure, and can be found all around England, taking…

  • The Local Creators Series: Kent Influencers

    Welcome to the Local Creators series, the resource for brands and small and local businesses who want to find content creators, bloggers and influencers located nearby for partnership opportunities. This is the second post in our new series of location-based lists featuring local content creators across the UK. We’ve already taken a look at the…

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