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  • Exciting Bloggers To Watch in 2021

    Here’s our latest roundup of exciting bloggers to watch this year featuring some great content creators offering style, tips and advice from everything travel, beauty, food and self-care related! They’re all excellent bloggers and offer an honest and interesting perspective while giving you inspiration for your everyday life. Check out their blogs in the list…

  • Nurturing Your Journey to a Sustainable Lifestyle

    Working towards a sustainable lifestyle can be a tough journey when not done in a sustainable way.

    These tips will help you on your way and nurture your relationship with sustainability so it can continue long into the future.

  • An Intro to Zero-Waste Living with Dalma Dioszegi

    Looking for an introduction to zero-waste living with pointers on how to approach it and tips for achieving your waste goals?

    This guest post contributed by the eco-conscious creator Dalma Dioszegi is what you need!

  • COP26: What To Expect

    The UK has been chosen to host the major UN climate change summit, known as COP26, an event it will co-host with Italy. It was originally scheduled for November 2020 but has been postponed to November 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There is of course a chance it may need to be postponed once…

  • Sustainable Content Creators To Follow in 2021

    Like any mass movement throughout history, it all starts with a few leading the way forward for the rest. That’s why we’ve put together this list of sustainable content creators to follow in 2021, because sometimes we all need some inspiration to spur us to take our next step forwards.

    Whether you’re looking for at-home swaps to make your home greener, tips for sustainable travel or just to explore and educate yourself on sustainability, this list is for you!

  • How To Tell If A Fashion Brand Is Sustainable

    Assessing whether a brand is sustainable or not can be more tricky than people expect. What with all the greenwashing we’re seeing from brands around the world, its important to be aware of the ways they try to deceived people and how to cut through all the lies. That’s why today we’re sharing what we’ve learned from our research into how to tell if a brand is sustainable.

  • Veggie And Vegan Recipes From Our Favourite Food Bloggers

    We all know that eating meat and animal products contributes a huge amount to climate change. It’s accountable for a big proportion of greenhouse gas emissions from the farming processes and the animals themselves. Meat and dairy production is responsible for 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emission. Not to mention that it takes more than…

  • How To Save The Environment According To Bill Gates

    With his new book, How To Avoid A Climate Disaster, the billionaire technology entrepreneur lays out his wide-ranging plans for how we can get the world to zero greenhouse gas emissions and avoid a climate catastrophe.

  • Lifestyle Bloggers to Watch in 2021

    Our second roundup of Lifestyle bloggers to watch this year features some great curators of style, tips and advice from everything beauty, travel, food film and TV related! They’re all fantastic producers of content and offer an honest and interesting perspective while giving you inspiration for your everyday life. Check out their blogs in the…

  • Minimal SEO for Blog Posts in 2021

    In this post we’ll break down the minimal SEO steps you can carry out for blog posts to ensure you benefit from organic traffic and better rankings.

    As Neil Patel says “you can get away with minimal SEO – and you can get results from it, too.”

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