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  • Minimalism: 5 Ways Keeping Less Can Give You More

    We are used to the image of people basking in riches – sometimes literally, like well-known Scrooge McDuck diving in a pool filled with gold coins. However, nowadays, the form of wellness is starting to take a completely different form. Minimalism, a movement completely opposite to the traditional philosophy of luxury, is gaining more and more followers.

  • sustainable kitchen

    8 Sustainable Brands to Keep Your Kitchen Clean AND Green

    From refill packs to beeswax wraps, we’ve collated 8 of our favourite sustainable brands to start you on your journey to a greener (and cleaner!) kitchen.

  • 3 Climate Technologies You May Not Know Of

    Learn about unique climate technologies and the monumental impact they have on reducing energy wastage, improving efficiency and tackling climate change in general

  • The USA’s New Climate Pledge

    President Joe Biden has made bold new pledges to tackle climate change. Find out what commitments he’s made for the USA and what that means for the environment.

  • 10 Awe-inspiring Trees to Remind You of the Majesty of Nature

    Perhaps one of mother nature’s most grandiose and ingenious creations, and personal favourite of ours, is the tree.

    Today we’ll take a look at a few trees that stand out in history for their longevity, size, beauty, environmental prowess or pure abnormality.

  • The Impact of Climate Change on Wildlife

    Global warming has the potential to cause extinctions in a majority of the world’s especially valuable ecosystems. With that in mind, we’re going to look into some of the impacts that climate change is having on wildlife and animals all over the planet.

  • 5 ways the COVID-19 global pandemic and lockdown have affected our environment

    Let’s explore the 5 most impactful causes from the global pandemic and lockdown that have affected the environment and climate.

  • Why Should We All Love Trees?

    If you payed attention in science lessons at school then I’m sure you’ll know that trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air and store it in their wood which helps to tackle climate change by lowering the count of CO2 in the atmosphere.

    But why else are they so great? Click here to find out!

  • Recapping ‘Seaspiracy’: 10 Horrific Takeaways That Changed Our Perspective on Seafood Forever

    Following Director Ali Tabrizi on his journey from picking up litter on beaches to interviewing supposed conservationists and evading the Thai police in relation to slave labour in the fishing industry, this saga is one that we all need to see for ourselves.

  • Sustainability A-Z: The Terms You Need to Know in 2021

    Feel like you’ve been left behind in the world of sustainability?

    Use this A-Z list of sustainability terms you need to know it 2021 to get back up to date!

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