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  • Minimalism: 5 Ways Keeping Less Can Give You More

    We are used to the image of people basking in riches – sometimes literally, like well-known Scrooge McDuck diving in a pool filled with gold coins. However, nowadays, the form of wellness is starting to take a completely different form. Minimalism, a movement completely opposite to the traditional philosophy of luxury, is gaining more and more followers.

  • photo of girl smiling while holding black smartphone

    12 Apps To Help On Your Sustainable Journey By @Bethany_eco_

    Sometimes we all need a hand to progress on our sustainable journeys and these apps can be a great place to start!

    A special thank you to Bethany of @bethany_eco_ for putting this post together and helping you all to take another step towards a green lifestyle.

  • Setting Goals for Your Sustainable Future with Bryanna Skye

    To Bryanna, a greener lifestyle is not a trend or an aesthetic. It means limiting one’s negative impact on the planet, protecting natural resources and environments, and always being up for learning and growth. The best thing? It doesn’t have to be difficult as there are so many ways to do this.

    But how do you actually set goals for a sustainable lifestyle? How do you choose what to tackle, and how can you make sure it sticks and isn’t just a short lived effort? Don’t worry, today Bryanna is sharing her top tips so you can get started on your greener living journey!

  • Anorexia To Recovery: How The Ethical Models Agency Came To Be

    A story that goes from anorexia to recovery. Learn how the ethical models agency came to be.

  • 10 Ways To Go Green On A Low Budget

    Start off your low budget green living journey with these 10 simple tips to make the planet a better place whilst saving money!

  • What It’s Really Like to Travel as a Vegetarian by Kerry Hanson

    Wanting some tips on how to travel as a veggie? Kerry Hanson has got you covered!

  • 5 Books to Get You Started on Your Sustainability Journey

    Need some inspiration to help you on your journey to a sustainable lifestyle?

    These five books are all you need to get you started!

  • Are You a Fast Fashion Victim? By Martina Lubian

    Are you a fast fashion victim? Check out these tips from Martina Lubian to help you break your dependence on environmentally damaging shopping!

  • An Intro to Zero-Waste Living with Dalma Dioszegi

    Looking for an introduction to zero-waste living with pointers on how to approach it and tips for achieving your waste goals?

    This guest post contributed by the eco-conscious creator Dalma Dioszegi is what you need!

  • Veggie And Vegan Recipes From Our Favourite Food Bloggers

    We all know that eating meat and animal products contributes a huge amount to climate change. It’s accountable for a big proportion of greenhouse gas emissions from the farming processes and the animals themselves. Meat and dairy production is responsible for 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emission. Not to mention that it takes more than…

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