6 Eco-Conscious Bloggers Who Share Their Secrets To Sustainability

We’re all aware of the climate crisis currently unfolding, we’re constantly presented with new research and information which all points to the same thing; we need to reduce our carbon footprint and overall impact on the environment. If you want to find out a little more about the bigger picture of climate change, check out our post Climate Change: The Low Down.

A lot of us are making changes in our own daily lives to try and fight climate change on an individual level, but often don’t know where to look. With that in mind, we’ve picked out a few of our favourite eco bloggers from our own community to give you inspiration for your sustainable journey.

Whether you’re hoping to make the first steps to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, or a veteran eco-warrior, these content creators will have something for you!

Didi Aben


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Didi started Sustainable Deeds in 2019 after finishing an MSc Sustainability degree. The aim of Sustainable Deeds is to share simple sustainable ideas and advice that anyone can implement into their own lifestyle. She wanted to take the pressure off becoming more sustainable. To Didi, sustainability is about learning and trying to make better choices, it’s not about being perfect or making huge sacrifices.

Lucky enough to live in Cornwall, Didi is surrounded with the natural beauty of the coastline, ancient woodlands and rugged mororlands. She encourages her readers to get outside and immerse themselves in nature. It’s good for the mind and soul. After all, those environments are what we are trying to protect by becoming more sustainable.

Sustainable Deeds blog posts cover actions to take at home, book and film recommendations and tips on how to become involved in environmental activism. She also includes posts about plant based eating and why She’s chosen to become plant based, as this again is an area that is typically full of pressure and judgement!

In short, Didi always produces “simple sustainable lifestyle tips for the average person, in a fun and approachable way”. Catch up with her on Instagram (@sustainable_deeds) to see her sustainable tips in action!

Ruth Walton 


Ruth started her blog after finding out there was plastic in the organic teabags that she had been buying for over 10 years! She’s always been an ‘eco-geek’ and spends a lot of time researching products so she thought it might help others if she shared her findings. Ruth’s found that it’s been a great way to share information and feel proactive and connected with the wider green movement.

On her blog, The Green Shopper, you’ll find loads of easy eco-swaps to make in your own home, with tips on how to make every area and room of your house more environmentally friendly. Find her on Instagram (@green.shopper) to see her world in pictures!

Crystal Bonnar-Smythe


Crystal’s my main focus is sustainability. She likes to give knowledge on the environment and social issues but also gives knowledge on what things we can do to combat them. She likes to be as informative as possible and help create solutions. Crystal also aims to open up the conversation and make people think about things in life and question things. Just stop for a moment and actually think why society is the way it is and why we are so hesitant to change. But give knowledge to make it easier to change.

The blog means a lot to her as she also likes to share her personal development as a university student that also has a job. She’s ambitious and likes to be open about her highs, lows and struggles.

She hopes to spread positivity but be very real about the issues that we have in society. Check out her Instagram (@__goinggreen) to engage with her message.

Lynne Lambourne

www.warriorsonwaste.co.uk & www.lynnelambourne.com

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For as long as she can remember, Lynne has loved the Ocean. After seeing more and more waste filling our planet’s seas, she decided she needed to do something about it and encourage people by helping inspire them to reduce their use of single use plastic.

With Warriors On Waste, she uses her platform to help educate and raise awareness of the environmental problems caused by waste, with one of her key phrases being “it’s cool to care”.

With her other blog and her Sustainable Interior Design side of things, she considers herself very much a Womble – upcycling the past for a better future. She also always uses the Wombles phrase, “making good use of the things that we find, things that the everyday folk leave behind”.

Be sure to check out her blogs for tips on reducing your waste and follow her on Instagram (@lynnelambourne) to her her tips in action!

Katie Brown



Katie Brown is a mum of 2 trying to change her little corner of the planet for the better. She makes small changes everyday to live a more sustainable life, learning a lot and making mistakes along the way! She and her family lead a pretty normal life – no off-the-grid treehouse – but believes that many small changes and small acts add up.

Her blog is all about their journey to being more eco-friendly and you’ll find inspiration and ideas from everything including beauty, travel, fashion, kids and home life! Follow her journey on Instagram (@mama_goes_eco) to kick start your own eco journey!

Henrietta Mackenzie


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Henrietta is a published children’s author and eco-lifestyle blogger providing tips and advice on how to make your house eco-friendly and live a more sustainable life. Her blog includes eco-swaps, top tips, product reviews, interviews with eco brands and influencers, renewable energy stories and more.

She’s always been eco conscious but raising her three year old daughter really opened her eyes to the fact that the next generation will suffer if we don’t start making more changes to help protect the planet.

She believes that every step in the right direction has a positive impact. We don’t need a few people to be perfectly sustainable, we need everyone to be more sustainable even if it’s imperfectly. Find Henrietta on Instagram (@ecofriendlyhenri) to keep up with her eco ideas!

We hope this roundup has helped you find some new favourite eco and sustainable bloggers to help you become even more environmentally friendly! Be sure to check out their Instagrams to stay up to date with their posts. Feel free to say “hi” – they’re always more than happy to connect, grow their communities and engage with their audiences!

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