Eco-friendly Micro-influencers to Watch in 2021

What with the tumult of the last year there are many people who have come to see the importance of living and shopping sustainably. The trouble is that many people don’t really know how to go about trying to be greener or environmentally friendly in their daily lives.

Well, whether you’re an eco-advocate looking for inspiration, or a sustainable brand looking for new ambassadors, here’s some of our favourite green-living, vegan and ethical influencers to watch in 2021. These creators cover a nice range of ‘green’ topics including: in-home eco swaps, veganism, sustainable travel and fashion; each stitching this with their own passions, values and lifestyles. 

Everyone on this list engages with their audience daily, prides themselves on their close relationship with their audience and is wholly open and authentic in their communications. 

Without further ado let’s jump into the list!

Yasmin Yohal

First on our list is Yasmin Yohal, a vegan mum from Nottingham who blogs about vegan food, beauty and lifestyle. 

Her ethos is all about encouraging progress not perfection. She believes that 100 people making a tiny change to their lifestyle has more impact than 1 person striving for perfection and so is keen to provide her audience with little tips and small pieces of advice on how to incorporate sustainability and veganism into their everyday diet.

She’s also an advocate of accessibility for all; with her content on Instagram (@yasminjohalx) and YouTube channel she promotes a way of life that’s affordable and low-effort while still having an impact on the environment and wildlife on our planet. 

Catalina Nini 

Catalina is a Romanian blogger based in Liverpool whose passion for the environment was born at a young age. 

After finishing an Environmental Science Masters she moved to the UK where the magical world of vintage fashion was revealed to her. Becoming enthralled in the space she later went on to start her own blog, Stylish Confidence, she wanted to show the world you can be stylish whilst wearing secondhand clothes and so you can find her content to be all about sustainable fashion, vintage clothing and environmentalism.

Catalina speaks openly about previously purchasing products from fast fashion brands and since learning about the effects these kinds of shopping habits have. Noting the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh as an event that opened her eyes. Take a peek at her IG channel @stylishconfidence for tips and examples of how to transition from a fast to a slow lifestyle.

Fern Nicholson

Fern is a social media micro-influencer from Suffolk whose content exudes authenticity. She’s a true sustainable shopper, only purchasing new items she knows she’ll wear and loving them until they fall apart. What next? As a zero-waste advocate she doesn’t throw old clothes away but repurposes them into tote bags or wax wraps. Her humble attitude towards green living is summed up by her favourite quote ‘create to inspire not influence’.

Check out her IG page @woodlandfern where you’ll find content that shows off her slow-living lifestyle and plenty of nature shots to connect you to our planet. 

Shannon’Louise Archer

Shannon’Louise is an eco-friendly mamma from Walsall who is on a mission to spread awareness around the nappy landfill waste problem in the UK. Deciding to use cloth every day because it’s what’s best for her four children, her bank balance and most of all the environment. 

Anyone looking for an eco-friendly friendly mother should check out her Instagram page @wingingitmamax where she delves further into the green-living world by posting about in-home eco-swaps we could all follow. 

Dalma Dioszegi

Dalma is a fitness, outdoor and nature blogger brought up in a family who always grew their own food, making her acutely aware of certain things like seasonal changes, harvesting legumes and the availability of vegetables at certain times of the year. 

Her eco-journey began when she saw one of the episodes of the show ‘Rotten’ on Netflix. Ever since she’s made drastic changes in her behavior as a consumer, much of which is documented on her blog, Come Away with Me. After taking part in Plastic Free last July she realized how much of our food is packaged with plastic. 

From Dalma’s journey you can see her progression, as you track her story over time you see her finding new ways to live a greener and more sustainable life. Nowadays, she’s become conscious about where she buys her meat, fruit and vegetables from, always opting for the local Zero Waste Stores in Buckinghamshire where she lives. 

Check out her IG channel @dalmie.adventures to see her more recent endeavors to swap to eco-friendly cleaning and beauty products. Dalma really does it all!

Donatella Brusca

Up next, we have Donatella from Italy who is a self-portrait artist who tries to inspire people to focus more on ethical fashion and beauty through her photographs. As founder of the hashtag #frameoflifestyle she’s formed a community of people with similar interests who all post their own content to inspire each other to do better. 

On her IG channel @donatellabrusca you’ll find examples of her photography, slow living inspiration and vintage styles from her sustainable wardrobe. 

Emma Reed

Emma Reed is a well-known and respected blogger in the green-living space. Perhaps best known for her inspiring at home eco-swaps and self-made cleaning products, she’s a true practitioner when it comes to being green! 

On her blog she writes openly about her journey as a parent trying to make her family more eco-friendly. She’s truly dedicated to her audience which is reflected in her well-written and thought-out blog posts, as well as the fact that she’s the author of the book ‘Your Teething Baby’. When her children were teething she scoured the web for useful information on how to help them deal with it. When she found there was surprisingly little information out there she decided to write a book on all she’d learned so other parents don’t have to struggle like she did. How inspiring!

Emma is very active on her stories and is incredibly in tune with her audience, take a peek at her IG @emmareedwrites for more info. 

Ellis Marriott

Ellis is a lovely mother of her 14-month-old daughter who has been vegan since birth. She was inspired to make the switch to veganism herself five years ago after seeing one of the many life-changing documentaries out there. Since, her and her family have been experimenting with more sustainable product choices and knocking on the head any products she can’t find a reuse for, or ones that use unnecessary plastics. 

Ellis began her journey as a creator with the goal of showing people that it’s possible to have a healthy pregnancy as a vegan and also to document her vegan baby-led weaning journey. From there it blossomed and grew into a little community that she’s wholly dedicated to. 

Check out her IG: @growmevegan to learn more!

Final Thoughts

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and have found some inspiration, whether it’s for an upcoming brand collaboration or whether you were just looking for some more information on how to be green! 

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