Education & Study Influencers to follow

Here at Exploratree we believe that knowledge is power and knowledge shared is power multiplied. So, why not inspire each others and share some educational content? Here’s our Top Education & Study Influencer List!



Jess, who is based in Autralia, is an amazing content creator who will help you increase productivity and teach you how to balance your work life! She also focuses on self-care and mental health, so if you’re looking for a good place to start or continue your journey with productivity, go visit Jessica’s page!



This Instagram account, which belongs to a junior teacher of a split-grade classroom in Ontario, combines the best educational tips and advice. Patti provides excellent content, but she also shares extensive insight into the teacher’s daily activities. If you’re looking for someone who is sincere in their craft, go and follow madlylearning!



The seventh-grade teacher and lesson planner, Emily, is from New York and she is one of the three teachers who launched #cancelstatetesting2021. She shares a lot of exciting moments of a teacher’s life that aren’t that obvious to people who don’t work at school.



If you want to find out how to replace negative behaviour or you’re curious about what the day in the life of a sixth-grade teacher looks like, Rebekah is a perfect content creator for you! Her profile is full of positivity and knowledge that allows you to broaden your horizons, so don’t hesitate to visit her account!



Isabella is a law student from the UK and also a pretty devoted bookworm as well! On her Instagram account, you can find motivational quotes, inspiring photos or recommendations of apps that will help you manage your time and improve your productivity. On top of that, Isabella’s account may help to learn a new language, because she writes her posts not only in English but also in Portuguese.



Studying, books and motivation – who needs more? Sarah, a 4th-year medical student from London will definitely make you less lonely during your study sessions! Her tips and knowledge combined with beautiful and calming content boost motivation and productivity, so visit her account and delve into the study world!  



Sophia is a news reporter and publisher from the UK who shares knowledge and spreads awareness about sex education. However, her account is filled with a variety of content so do not hesitate to check it out – and don’t forget to follow!



We know that studying is hard but with the help of Rose, it is much more bearable! As a Dutch law student, she shares her Focus Plans to help you organise your time and work. Also, if you want to learn some tips about staying motivated, look no further!



Betsy is the queen of imagination! She enjoys assisting high school English teachers in their innovative efforts and is the host of The Spark Creativity Teacher Podcast. She strongly supports hexagonal thinking, and you can discover many of her instructional techniques on her Instagram page, along with free one-pager templates.

That was our top education and study influencers to watch out for! Looking for more influencers? Check out our curated lists here.

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