15 Trendsetting Fashion Influencers You Need To Watch This Summer

These fashionable influencers are just what you need to spice up your wardrobe as ‘Freedom Day’ approaches. With a number of styles to choose from, there should be an outfit for anyone and everyone. 

Whatever the occasion, and whatever the weather, having outfit inspirations are needed now more than ever. Everyone has something to say through what they wear so let these influencers guide you towards what statement you want to make. 

L. Marie 


First on our list is L.Marie, whose instagram account contains everything from high-end fashion brands to streetwear, both curated carefully. Going out clothes, beachwear and loungewear are all featured, and whatever the occasion, Lo has something for you. 

Holly Jane


Holly Jane has you covered from the bedroom working outwards. With lingerie shots helping you keep up to date on what’s hot and more classic outfits, Holly makes all her looks feel unique. She loves to travel, so you know wherever you are, if you’re taking inspiration from Holly, you’ll be winning best dressed awards worldwide. 

Sanaha Nolan 


You can find Sanaha at the beach, and with it your summer inspiration. The sun seems to follow her, so you probably should too! If you’re looking to get away, or to the coast, feel like you’re ready to shoot the next instalment of Baywatch and have a look at what she’s wearing. She can also act as your fashion guru away from the beach, with a range of outfits constantly on offer. Ball dresses, classic jean and t-shirt combos and other summer outfits all feature heavily, so if you’re caught in the sun, don’t get caught out and dive into Sanaha’s instagram! 

Serena Richelle 


This next influencer loves to ‘rave’ and it shows, with going out outfits galore glittered across her feed. Her streetwear screams style, and her more formal outfits shout elegance. If you’re wondering whats ‘on-trend’ then look no further, Serena will guide you to looking rave-ready in no time. It doesn’t just stop there, with beachwear and bedwear also in her repertoire of outfits. Take a visual step into her world through her instagram. 

Callum Cottrell 


One for the guys here, with Callum showing us how to look stylish whatever the occassion. From limited edition Jordan’s, to chic beachwear, Callum is clearly comfortable in whatever he wears. Through combining smart and streetwear, he has a very definitive style, which all could learn from. 



If you’re in need of a going out dress, Jess’ instagram is what you need. With all fits of dresses, and other glamorous items, she can be the inspiration behind your next jaw-dropping outfit. Jess also takes contemporary spins on classic outfits, as well as showing us more raunchy items suitable for the bedroom. If you’re looking to turn up the glamour, then click on Jess’ instagram and see how it’s done. 



Chanelle knows how to make any outfit look fashionable. She has you covered for a variety of bright and colourful outfits. Crop tops, dresses and high waisted jeans all feature, giving you inspiration to have fun with your outfit pairings. 



Patterned clothing make Monique’s outfits standout in whichever crowd she is in. With bright colours used in her effortlessly stylish outfits, Monique can help you look cool and comfortable. Monique takes current trends and puts her own spin on them. If you’re looking to take styles and have your own say on them, then follow Monique for a lesson in how to do so. 



Abigail has you covered when it comes to activewear. An avid fitness enthusiast, she has outfits for all activities, from the gym to trekking. It doesn’t stop there though, she loves playing around with vest and jean combinations, alongside a bunch of bright, stylish bikinis. Abigal puts fashion into fitness, if you want to see for yourself, take a look at her profile. 



Tymarah likes to work with block colours, and she does it to perfection. Her outfits range from classy to cool and comfortable. She loves to travel and go outdoors, and her outfits make her standout whether she’s in the city, or out in the woods (take a look at her instagram to get this!). 



Bethany is prepared for whatever the occasion calls for. Dresses, backless tops, high-tops, tracksuits, the list goes on! But one thing will remain constant, and that’s style. From jewellery to her ponytail, the little details spice up Bethany’s outfits, and these things matter! Have a look at her instagram to see what we’re on about! 



When Chloe’s not studying for her psychology degree, she’s putting together outfits that stay in people’s heads. Even her pyjamas are co-ordinated! Fun trousers, and funkier patterns seem to be a personal favourite of Chloe’s, and her stylish take on the simplest of outfits keeps us coming back for more. Check some of the trousers on her instagram as well, it’s worth heading over there just for them. 



Shannah’s hair is enough to get her to make the list, with her gorgeous silver locks. Shannah can change between big fluffy jumpers to tight corsettes. She even makes shirts look cool! Shannah has so many fun outfits on her page, with lots of bright colours and patterns. From streetwear to sportswear, and dresses to gym gear, Shannah knows how to make all occasions a catwalk for herself. Our personal favourites are either the Burberry air forces, or the nike tennis outfit. Go check them out for yourself! 



Ella looks elegant and cool in all her outfits. Going out dresses each have their own funky twist, whilst her tracksuits could be nightclub clothes themselves. With a clear eye for items that will make her stand out, Ella is a go to when in need of some spotlight. 



Whether she’s in Mallorca or Manchester, Lauryn can dress for either. Extravagant swimwear is a personal fave, as well as elegant, yet fun going out outfits. Lauryn plays around with bright colours, and does so to great effect. So if you’re looking for a twist on your swimwear, or your going out clothes, Lauryn has you covered. Have a look at her instagram to see how she does both. 

We hope you find some inspiration from this list of fashion influencers you need to follow this summer!

Whatever your style this list has something for everyone.

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