Health & Wellness Content Creators to Follow This Year

With lockdowns easing in the UK and gyms reopening across the country, there’s never been a better time to refocus on your health, fitness and wellbeing. After months of gloomy weather and being stuck at home unable to see friends or workout in the gym, we’re all feeling the excitement of being able to get back to a better place.

Whether you’re a highly motivated gym frequenter, looking for some fitness inspiration or just wanting to find some useful tips for positive mental health and wellness, we’ve handpicked these brilliant content creators from our community who are creating essential content in the health and wellness niches.

Lisa-Jane Holmes

Lisa-Jane started blogging many years ago and originally focused purely on healthy recipes, as her personal trainer clients and class members would regularly ask her what they should eat and cook pre and post workout. So she decided to share recipes in one place so that everyone could access them.

However, it quickly expanded into covering fitness, lifestyle, travel and fashion as people seemed to be just as interested in what activewear brands she wore to places she’d recommend for a weekend break. Lisa-Jane is also passionate about showing that bloggers and influencers aren’t just females in their early 20s. She turned 40 last year and wanted to show that you don’t just stop being relevant once you pass your late 20s!

She’s far more confident in her body than she was 15 years ago, trains harder than ever and adores fashion and beauty. So her blog, the Wildcat Way goes to show sass and style never go out of fashion… At any age!

Erin Sarah

Since gyms were shut down, Erin hasn’t focused so much on the fitness side of her life. However, just as passionate about health in the kitchen, she’s been producing delicious recipes that are great for your tastebuds and even better for your body.

Now that gyms are reopening, she’ll be one to follow to get back into the swing of working out and eating clean – so stay tuned for great fitness and food inspiration!

Joanna Kingsley

If you’re looking to take a step back and improve your mental health, Joanna is the content creator for you. With a focus on mental health, she talks a lot about the benefits of fresh air and nature on health and wellbeing.

Be sure to catch up with her on her socials for ideas and inspiration for a healthy mind.

Dalma Diószegi

Super keen fitness content creator, Dalma and her partner run DynamX Fitness, where they aim to make you stronger than your excuses. Offering personal training services for functional strength and conditioning, Dalma’s got you covered to get fit and reach your goals.

They’ve even set up a partnership with Just One Tree to donate £1 after every membership purchased – so you’ll be helping the planet when you help your body!

Robyn Jackson-Booth

Robyn is an aerial artist, so you can expect a lot of content of her hanging from various ceilings. In addition to this, she does a lot of calisthenics training, as well as yoga. She also shares training videos, workouts, tips as well as insights into her personal life.

She admits she’s struggled a lot with her weight, from having anorexia at 13 to being the opposite end of the spectrum, struggling to lose weight at 21. It’s been a long battle, and one she feels never really ends. It’s important that people understand that there are times where being healthy doesn’t mean being a size 4, she’s extremely passionate about educating people about how health and fitness varies per person. It’s also important to discuss a healthy relationship with food, and this is where she tries to be transparent, in order to show people that she’s not perfect, nor is her diet the prime example to follow.

Currently, her profile is full of aerial hoop portfolio shots as she hasn’t been able to get out in the world due to the lockdown, but moving forward, lots of educational posts around how to have a healthy relationship with food, calisthenic and yoga routines, as well as bloopers of her imperfect life – she’s all for laughing at herself!

Katie Louise Halsall

Katie’s fitness interests mostly include bouldering, hiking, running and yoga and her aim is to document her journey through each. She wants to share how being fit and healthy doesn’t have to mean going to the gym 5 times a week, or even at all, if that’s not something you enjoy.

Staying active is important for not only her physical health, but mental health too. It gives her more energy overall and helps her to clear her head when needed.

Overall, her content is about staying active and enjoying the outdoors. She’s very much of the mindset that anyone can enjoy being active, they just need to find their thing. Katie’s instagram covers general day to day life, and her experiences in getting outdoors and adventuring, enjoying hobbies and finding good food!

Her blog mostly covers her experience with running and training from a beginner to running a marathon. She also covers her travels and experiences, as her goal in life is to find the things she loves, seek adventure and stay active. This year she’ll be looking to include more about hiking and bouldering as she gets back into it following the travel/gym restrictions being lifted!

Becky Derbyshire

Becky shares her own fitness journey on her Instagram, offering ideas for workouts and hitting your targets. As a recent convert to veganism, she’s striving for health in the kitchen as well, sharing tips and help for going vegan on her blog.

She even grows her own veggies at home and produces content on beauty, lifestyle, travel and interior design to give her audience inspiration for every aspect of their lives.

Whether you’re a brand in the fitness and wellbeing space looking to find influencers to promote your products, or you’re recently re-motivated to focus on your health and are looking for inspiration, this list of health and wellness creators is for you.

Be sure to check out their socials and give them a follow to stay up to date with all their brilliant tips and tricks!

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