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Why choose Influencer Marketing in 2022?

When the pandemic first struck, marketeers and influencers alike were uncertain about the potentially devastating effect it would have on the influencer marketing industry. Worries about the effect of new FTC Regulations, follower farms and ethical implications of certain algorithms have also caused some to doubt viability of influencer marketing in

10 Gardening Influencers to follow

Gardening influencers’ niche is a community full of passionate and dedicated people willing to help others with their green journey. To help you in delving deeper into their world, we’ve compiled a list of 10 incredible influencers who will undoubtedly dazzle you with their content.

3 Influencer Marketing Case Studies with Amazing Results

From a basic tactic to an essential component of a company’s marketing budget – influencer marketing is undoubtedly something that every brand should be aware of. Here are three case studies that demonstrate how influencer marketing campaigns can help you elevate your business and grow your audience!

Where to Find Influencers for your Digital Marketing

Influencer marketing is a fantastic opportunity for your brand; Carefully collated collaborations with appropriate influencers will help you increase brand exposure and boost sales. Moreover, you’ll foster devoted long-term relationships between your brand and your influencers which is a crucial element to influencer marketing campaigns. Sounds amazing, right? Unfortunately, all that

9 Adventure Influencers to Follow

Everyone loves an adventure. Instagram is a crazy place full of people living life on the edge. So to help you plan you’re next big trip, we’ve rounded up 9 of our favourite adventure influencers for you to follow. Zoe Homes @splodz Zoe is a good place to start in the

Influencer Campaign Types: Matched to your marketing goals

How to Succeed with the Right Type of Influencer Campaign With such great potential for companies to raise brand awareness, establish valuable partnerships and boost sales, it’s no wonder that influencer marketing has become a core part of current digital marketing strategy. When you think of influencer marketing, the first thing

Minimalism: 5 Ways Keeping Less Can Give You More

We are used to the image of people basking in riches – sometimes literally, like well-known Scrooge McDuck diving in a pool filled with gold coins. However, nowadays, the form of wellness is starting to take a completely different form. Minimalism, a movement completely opposite to the traditional philosophy of luxury,

The Local Creators Series: Bristol

Whether you’re a Bristol-based small business looking to gain exposure and reach new people or you’re a well established brand looking to boost your reach in the South West area, this list of creators is for you!

The Local Creators Series: Manchester

Whether you’re a Manchester-based small business looking to gain exposure and reach new people or you’re a well established brand looking to boost your reach in the Greater Manchester area, this list of creators is for you!

9 Fashion Influencers You Need For Autumn Inspiration

It’s that time of year again where the days are getting shorter, the trees a little leafless and coffee shops fill with the scent of their pumpkin spiced lattes. That’s right, we’re officially in Autumn and with the new season comes the chillier weather, making it that time of year to

15 Essential Fashion and Lifestyle Influencers

When looking for Fashion and Lifestyle ideas, there’s almost too much choice out there. That’s why we’ve picked out 15 of our favourite Fashion and Lifestyle content creators that are totally essential to follow for outfit, travel and style inspiration! Tia Mayall  @tia.mayall  Tia loves an adventure, and can be found

The Local Creators Series: Kent Influencers

Welcome to the Local Creators series, the resource for brands and small and local businesses who want to find content creators, bloggers and influencers located nearby for partnership opportunities. This is the second post in our new series of location-based lists featuring local content creators across the UK. We’ve already taken

The Local Creators Series: London Influencers

Welcome to the Local Creators series, the resource for brands and small and local businesses who want to find content creators, bloggers and influencers located nearby for partnership opportunities. Whether you’re a small/local business looking to gain exposure and reach local audiences through influencers or you’re a well established brand looking to

12 Apps To Help On Your Sustainable Journey By @Bethany_eco_

Sometimes we all need a hand to progress on our sustainable journeys and these apps can be a great place to start! A special thank you to Bethany of @bethany_eco_ for putting this post together and helping you all to take another step towards a green lifestyle.

The Kinsume User Guide

So you’ve signed up to Kinsume and you’re wondering what its all about and how to use it? You can use this post as your user manual for Kinsume and all the functions it has to offer.

Setting Goals for Your Sustainable Future with Bryanna Skye

To Bryanna, a greener lifestyle is not a trend or an aesthetic. It means limiting one’s negative impact on the planet, protecting natural resources and environments, and always being up for learning and growth. The best thing? It doesn’t have to be difficult as there are so many ways to do

The USA’s New Climate Pledge

President Joe Biden has made bold new pledges to tackle climate change. Find out what commitments he’s made for the USA and what that means for the environment.

The Ultimate List Of Home And Living Content Creators (P2)

Whether you recently moved home and are looking for DIY tips and renovation inspiration, or you’re a family looking to make the most of your time together, go on adventures and create a beautiful family home, this list of home and living creators is for you!  There’s nowhere more important than the

10 Awe-inspiring Trees to Remind You of the Majesty of Nature

Perhaps one of mother nature’s most grandiose and ingenious creations, and personal favourite of ours, is the tree. Today we’ll take a look at a few trees that stand out in history for their longevity, size, beauty, environmental prowess or pure abnormality.

The Impact of Climate Change on Wildlife

Global warming has the potential to cause extinctions in a majority of the world’s especially valuable ecosystems. With that in mind, we’re going to look into some of the impacts that climate change is having on wildlife and animals all over the planet.

The Ultimate List Of Home And Living Content Creators (P1)

Whether you’re a brand in the home and living niche looking to find influencers to promote your products, or you’ve recently moved house and are looking for interior design and home décor inspiration, this list of home and living creators is for you.

Why Should We All Love Trees?

If you payed attention in science lessons at school then I’m sure you’ll know that trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air and store it in their wood which helps to tackle climate change by lowering the count of CO2 in the atmosphere. But why else are they so great? Click here

Top Veggie Influencers to Follow in 2021

Looking for some inspirational veggie and plant-based recipes and ideas? These content creators have some fantastic tips and tricks for all your veggie cooking needs!

23 Stats Every Fresh-Faced Influencer Should Know

Are you a content creator or influencer looking to keep up-to-date with the state of your industry? In these unusual times businesses and individuals are affected from all angles, leading to many changes in consumer habits and brand tactics. From brand preferences when working with influencers, to the affect of COVID on

The Ultimate Guide To Blogging

Become a blogging pro with our Ultimate Guide. Use our tips and tricks to boost your blog performance and monetise your efforts!

Climate Change: The Good News

As more and more awareness is raised on the issue of climate change, there’s so much information available on the trends of global warming and environmental impact. You only need to check out our post Climate Change: The Low Down to get a grasp of the sheer scale of the issue,

Exciting Bloggers To Watch in 2021

Here’s our latest roundup of exciting bloggers to watch this year featuring some great content creators offering style, tips and advice from everything travel, beauty, food and self-care related! They’re all excellent bloggers and offer an honest and interesting perspective while giving you inspiration for your everyday life. Check out their

Nurturing Your Journey to a Sustainable Lifestyle

Working towards a sustainable lifestyle can be a tough journey when not done in a sustainable way. These tips will help you on your way and nurture your relationship with sustainability so it can continue long into the future.

An Intro to Zero-Waste Living with Dalma Dioszegi

Looking for an introduction to zero-waste living with pointers on how to approach it and tips for achieving your waste goals? This guest post contributed by the eco-conscious creator Dalma Dioszegi is what you need!

COP26: What To Expect

The UK has been chosen to host the major UN climate change summit, known as COP26, an event it will co-host with Italy. It was originally scheduled for November 2020 but has been postponed to November 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There is of course a chance it may need

Sustainable Content Creators To Follow in 2021

Like any mass movement throughout history, it all starts with a few leading the way forward for the rest. That’s why we’ve put together this list of sustainable content creators to follow in 2021, because sometimes we all need some inspiration to spur us to take our next step forwards. Whether you’re

How To Tell If A Fashion Brand Is Sustainable

Assessing whether a brand is sustainable or not can be more tricky than people expect. What with all the greenwashing we’re seeing from brands around the world, its important to be aware of the ways they try to deceived people and how to cut through all the lies. That’s why today

Veggie And Vegan Recipes From Our Favourite Food Bloggers

We all know that eating meat and animal products contributes a huge amount to climate change. It’s accountable for a big proportion of greenhouse gas emissions from the farming processes and the animals themselves. Meat and dairy production is responsible for 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emission. Not to mention that

How To Save The Environment According To Bill Gates

With his new book, How To Avoid A Climate Disaster, the billionaire technology entrepreneur lays out his wide-ranging plans for how we can get the world to zero greenhouse gas emissions and avoid a climate catastrophe.

Lifestyle Bloggers to Watch in 2021

Our second roundup of Lifestyle bloggers to watch this year features some great curators of style, tips and advice from everything beauty, travel, food film and TV related! They’re all fantastic producers of content and offer an honest and interesting perspective while giving you inspiration for your everyday life. Check out

Minimal SEO for Blog Posts in 2021

In this post we’ll break down the minimal SEO steps you can carry out for blog posts to ensure you benefit from organic traffic and better rankings. As Neil Patel says “you can get away with minimal SEO – and you can get results from it, too.”

Easy At-Home Eco Swaps from Eco-conscious Creators

We spoke with some of our favourite eco-conscious creators about the easiest ways they made their lives greener and we’re going to share their thoughts with you. Switching to a more eco friendly lifestyle can be overwhelming. There’s just so many different areas to consider, leading many to the question of where

Inspiring Motherhood Nano-influencers of 2021

Nano-influencers are the fresh faced creators taking the world by storm. Commanding far superior engagement rates and deeper connections with their audiences they pose an opportunity not to be missed by brands globally.  For this roundup we’ve been talking with some of our favourite nano-influencer motherhood creators. For us, what stands

Could Trees Really Save the World?

Take a deep dive into the benefits of trees, why they could be so important in our struggle against climate change, why some are skeptical about their usefulness and what the best practices are for tree planting initiatives.

Becoming an Eco-Conscious Traveller with Adam LaPlante

This guest post by travel blogger Adam LaPlante is part of our Green Living Series and covers how becoming a more eco-friendly traveller is really not a daunting task. As the world begins to open its eyes to how we, humans as a whole, have such an influence on environmental factors, we

Lifestyle Bloggers to Follow in 2021

Whether you’re dreaming of adding to your wardrobe for when the time comes when you’re able to flaunt your new look, wanting new and exciting cooking ideas to keep your menu fresh or looking for genius eco-swaps for your home; these are some fantastic bloggers to follow in 2021.

10 Tips For Instagram Affiliate Marketing

So you’ve grown your audience, built a meaningful connection with them and have loads of inspirational ideas for them that you know they’ll love. It’s time to start monetising your influence by using affiliate links! Check out these 10 easy tips for boosting your affiliate success on Instagram!

Creating your own Cleaning Products with Eco-blogger Emma Reed

This guest post by eco-blogger Emma Reed is part of our Green Living Series and covers a few of her top tips for greener cleaning. Including how to create your own cleaning products at home, which ingredients to use and even a few of the recipes Emma uses for her own

Motherhood Micro-Influencers You Need to Follow in 2021

Whether you’re launching a new parenting, motherhood, child or maternity brand, or you’re a mum or dad looking for some family-themed inspiration for your life, this list of mumma creators is for you. How so many of them have the time to be full-time mothers whilst managing an online community, offering advice

The Ultimate Guide to Building Community

Whether you’re a creator just trying to enjoy building meaningful connections with your audience or you’re focused on monetising your following and turning your channel into a full-time living, getting your audience to interact with you is fundamental for achieving these goals. Learn everything there is to know about community in

Eco-Swap #1: Castile Soaps

The first post in our Green Living series! Here we’ll provide you with a definitive guide of how to be more eco, where to start, what the areas of interest are and how each is progressing globally.  From guest blogger Amanda Coats, this article covers how making the switch to castile soap

Eco-friendly Micro-influencers to Watch in 2021

What with the tumult of the last year, there are many people who have come to see the importance of living and shopping sustainably. The trouble is, many people don’t really know how to go about trying to be greener or environmentally friendly in their daily lives. Well, whether you’re an eco-advocate

What Drives Deforestation?

Trees are amazing. They filter harmful dust and pollutants such as ozone, carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide from the air and give off the oxygen we need to breathe. They also reduce the urban heat island effect through evaporative cooling and reducing the amount of sunlight that reaches parking lots and

7 Perks of Affiliate Campaigns for Bloggers and Influencers

If you are a social media influencer, blogger or content creator then you’ll almost certainly have tried out an affiliate campaign or two in your time. These can be an incredibly lucrative option for those looking to monetise their audience, though, the truth is it takes a lot of hard work,

What does a new US President mean for climate change?

Without delving into the consistently mucky and recently chaotic world of US politics, one major change that will come with the new administration is the USA’s pledge to combat climate change. As one of the world’s biggest polluters, oil producers and indulgers of a less-than-totally-frugal lifestyle, any slight change in the

The 10-Point Climate Plan Explained

Recently, Boris Johnson unveiled a 10-point climate plan for the UK with the key goal of reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Click here for a full breakdown of what it aims to achieve and how the government plans on delivering it!

10 Reasons Why Affiliate Campaigns Fail: The Common Mistakes

Affiliate marketing has been a popular source of income online for almost 20 years. Yet, many influencers and bloggers have come to disregard affiliate campaigns as they are paid more on a paid post basis. In this post we explore the many reasons why affiliate campaigns fail and the mistakes often made

Influencer Marketing: The Ultimate Guide

Chances are, unless you’ve been living under a rock in North Korea, you’ve heard of influencer marketing. In fact you probably know an influencer or at least someone who aspires to be one. And why wouldn’t they? Successful influencers can earn a lot of money just by creating content for their

Affiliate and Influencer Marketing Industry

Welcome to my first contribution to the Exploratree Marketing Blog! We’ll be covering all things affiliate, influencer, content creator as well as covering our eco-journey as we plant trees with our start-up Kinsume – the world’s first eco affiliate marketplace! My name’s Rob Pringle (A.K.A. Green Arrow), co-founder of Kinsume and

Affiliate Marketing: The Ultimate Guide

Wouldn’t we all love to finish everyday remedial tasks like brushing our teeth, walking the dog or driving home from work, only to check our bank balance and see £10s, £100s or even £1000s in there without you doing as much as lifting a finger. Learn how to make this dream a

Climate Change: The Low Down

Climate change is a term most are familiar with by now, and is one that’s importance has grown astronomically in the last 30 years. On this post we unearth answers to the questions: What is climate change? Why is it so important? And how can we stop it?

Our Initiative: Planting Trees For The Future

As we all know, climate change is one of the greatest threats we are facing in the world Today. One fantastic way to tackle climate change is reforestation and tree planting. Learn about our “plant with every purchase” initiative by clicking here!

Exploratree: The Origin Story

Introducing Exploratree, the blog for Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Social Influencers, Content Creators, Bloggers, Celebrities and self-employed professionals – anyone with a talent so fantastic you can’t not share it with the world. In this post we cover who we are, introduce our purpose driven platform, explain why we plant trees for the future

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