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How To Write An Influencer Campaign Brief. [Template Included]

So, you’ve got your product lined up, you’ve planned your influencer campaign and you’ve even picked a couple of your favourite influencers to implement it. What’s next? Now you need to create an attractive influencer campaign brief to help you streamline your marketing process. The best influencer campaign briefs are simple and easily accessible so that you can avoid spending tons of energy and time on re-clarifying aspects of a campaign.

Outlines may vary but ideally your influencer campaign brief should do these 4 key things;

  1. Introduce the company and the product
  2. Introduce the campaign briefly – main goal, format, deadline, platform
  3. Provide more specifics – hashtags, legal requirements, formatting
  4. Provide some inspiration – using themes or visual/keyword mood boards

Let’s break those 4 points down further shall we?

1. Introduce the Company

Here you can provide your influencer with 3-4 short sentences on the company’s history, your products, mission statement and core values. 

ACTIONABLE TIP : If you want consumers to love your brand then your influencers should love it first! Make sure to sell the product to them also by using benefits of a product and any statistics to nail your point home.

2. Introduce the Influencer Campaign Briefly

Now that you’ve laid the groundwork by introducing your company and product, it’s time to start introducing the general overview of your campaign. Be sure to answer questions such as: 

What is the overarching goal of the campaign? Engagement, brand awareness or traffic?

Are there any specific themes or keywords?

Have you set a deadline and if so, what is it?

What format would you like the posts to be in? [They could be video, picture or even audio depending on the social media platform and where you are placing the ad.]

What platform are you focusing on? TikTok, Youtube, Instagram or Twitter?

Try to keep the information that answers all of these concise and to the point; Influencers come from all walks of lives and as such shouldn’t require any previous marketing experience to understand.

ACTIONABLE TIP 1: Stay away from more complex marketing terms such as KPI, Performance metrics and demographics when working with newer micro and nano influencers. 

ACTIONABLE TIP 2: Opt for more general words when describing the campaign goals ie “we want to increase brand awareness among 20-30 yr olds” / “we want to inform 20-30 year olds about our new product line” 

3. Provide Inspiration

Here you can elaborate on the theme of your campaign and provide inspiration in the form of visual or written mood boards. You may want to include examples of past advertising campaigns or products to help establish your brand voice and creative direction as a company. This will ultimately ensure that any content your influencer produces is inline with your brand values and voice.

collage with different pictures
Photo by Inga Seliverstova on

ACTIONABLE TIP: Respect an influencers creative freedom. The reason you have probably chosen this marketing route is because an influencers’ audience [your potential consumers] respect their authenticity. Therefore, give guidelines but ultimately respect an influencers creative freedom.

4. Go into Specifics

Now that you have outlined the general overview, it is time to get into the nitty gritty of requirements you may have for the post. What you need to outline can vary depending on the platform and format you are using and we’ll go into the details in a second but, for all of them there are some general things to cover;

CALL TO ACTION – Is there going to be a link to your company’s page/store?

File Sizes/FormattingFormatting specifics you need to be able to use the content.

Date and Time – When do you want them to post? For example will the campaign align with a specific launch date you have for your product or will it be on their peak engagement day?

Examples of Platform Specifics

influencer logging into instagram


  • What hashtags should be used?
  • How long do you want the post caption to be?
  • Formatting – How many pics, resolution and aspect
  • Do you want them to use the @clienttag in the photo, the post caption or both?
  • Do you want them to post on their story, their regular feed or both?
  • Required tagging – ensure they are working links.
person browsing youtube on a computer


  • specify hashtags
  • clarify formatting – video length, aspect ration and resolution
  • specify title or any links to the brand in the caption
  • When will a sponsorship or product be mentioned – what timestamp?
person holding a black android smartphone with the tik tok logo displayed


  • What hashtags would you like to use?
  • Clarify Aspect ratio, length, music restrictions and resolution.
  • Required tagging -[ensure @handles are manually input so they publish as working links.]

Here’s a good example with deliverables specified:

Specific deliverables you need to include will vary depending on the platform and content you want delivered. Image courtesy of Insider.

5. DO’s and DONT’s

Next clarify if there are any major things that an influencer should stay clear of. We’ve included some examples of typical DO’s and DONT’s when it comes to influencer campaigns.


  • Follow FTC regulations
  • Hashtag as #sponsored
  • Engage with positive comments below the post


  • Include competitors names in the post
  • Mention any cons of the product
  • Include any cons of competitors products
  • Engage with any negative comments below the post.
  • Use slanderous, defamatory or otherwise inappropriate language or content
  • Publish posts without prior approval

6. Payment

Next, clarify payment details; Compensation type, payment method, payment date and any other terms and conditions that are relevant. You may be paying in a multitude of different ways; Bank transfers, invoices, exposure, gifted collabs and more. You can check out our post covering the benefits of them here. Make sure however you pay, your methods and rates are simple to understand. Include a contact us page so the influencer clearly knows who to reach out to with any issues.

7. Thank-you!

Finally, take a moment to thank your influencer and remind them that you are grateful and excited that they have chosen to work with you. An influencer campaign brief shouldn’t just be used as a guide but as a way to cultivate meaningful on-going business relationships with influencers.

ACTIONABLE TIP: Be sure to personalise this final thank-you message by including their name and social handles.

We hope this post empowered you to create a killer influencer campaign brief! For more advice on developing influencer marketing strategy be sure check out our influencer marketing series.

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