Inspiring Motherhood Nano-influencers of 2021

Nano-influencers are the fresh faced creators taking the world by storm. Commanding far superior engagement rates and deeper connections with their audiences they pose an opportunity not to be missed by brands globally. 

For this roundup we’ve been talking with some of our favourite nano-influencer motherhood creators. For us, what stands these women apart from the crowd is the wholeheartedly genuine relationships they have with their audiences, often on speaking terms with many of their followers. 

So, whether you’re a fellow parent looking to get some hot tips and inspiration for some fun filled family time or whether you’re a brand, small or large, looking to test out the waters of the nano-space, this list of mummas is for you!

Rachel Day

Rachel’s philosophy for life and raising her children is centered around this manta: ‘experiences over stuff’. Looking to impart this lesson onto her children, Rachel and her husband have spent the early years of their children’s lives travelling to many different countries, enjoying all the culture and experience these places have to offer.

Rachel aims to inspire other families to value making memories over acquiring ever more material objects with her IG feed and blog, Children of Wanderlust. She originally started her instagram to document her family’s one year full-time travel around Europe and Morocco in their trusty Hymer motorhome they called Hazel. This experience afforded her and her husband the chance to homeschool their children for a whole year and, as a result, you can find posts on their blog where they speak about their travel stories and their favourite resources, from crafting lessons to book reviews. 

From an eco perspective, Rachel recently shared her thoughts on alternative gift ideas for children with the aim of reducing the amount of plastic they use, check out this blog post if you’re interested! Their experiences while travelling have highlighted lots of environmental issues to them first hand, including the tragic prevalence of plastic pollution in the oceans. They’re always keen to try and explain the way that humans impact on our world to their children.

Currently grounded in Spain with their children learning Spanish in a local school, Sarah and her husband are biding their time and dreaming of their next adventure, possibly to Central America. Subscribe to her blog and follow her IG if you’d like to check out their family adventures!

Sarah King

Sarah’s been on Instagram some years and really started to take it seriously when she fell pregnant with her daughter Mille. Turning her feed into a diary of her pregnancy, Sarah started to grow a community of similar mothers around her. Now commanding nano-influencer status, with Millie as the star of the show, they’ve formed a team as mother and daughter, greatly enjoying the opportunities they’ve had to work with some brilliant brands and make connections with likeminded people.

On an eco level, as a family they are on a journey to make more green choices in their purchases; often collaborating with brands that reflect this lifestyle.

Check out Sarah’s IG feed, Millie will be sure to leave a smile on your face!

Tori Wade

Victoria, known to her followers as Tori, is a vegan mum who started her journey as a nano-influencer quite by accident. Kicking things off with a personal IG account she quickly started to make connections with other mummies out there, loving the relationships and small business connections the experience has afforded her.

Having been vegan for 7 years she’s slowly started to focus on more eco-friendly lifestyle choices. Her 5 year-old daughter, Arabella, doesn’t eat meat and you can find plenty of content featuring their travels and fun days out over on her IG. With the global pandemic, Tori has started mixing in a lot more content on their home life, which has been a refreshing challenge for many creators out there. 

For Tori, she aims to educate her daughter to follow her good habits and take care of the environment wherever possible. Her philosophy is that we should all do our bit to protect the environment, no matter how small the change may be!

Hannah Ruth

As an eco-conscious creator with a focus on plant-based living, Hannah is another vegan mama trying to inspire the world to be more mindful in their lifestyle choices. Her IG feed features thoughtful messages on how to be mindful of our impact on the world around us, lessons on how to practice self-love and brilliant tips for achieving self-acceptance. If you want to feel good about yourself and learn how to love who you are then definitely read some of the messages on her posts!

Hannah’s passion for sustainability shines through on her IG and blog. Only collaborating with brands she feels accurately fit with her message, authenticity is key to everything she does. Regularly featuring posts about veganism and cruelty free beauty, she highlights the environmental, ethical and health implications of using these products, when compared to the unethical and unsustainable goods on the market. 

Check out the #secondhandsunday Hannah started to be inspired to go with preloved clothing, rather than always buying new. Hannah certainly walks the walk when it comes to sustainable living and can definitely be trusted when it comes to her recommendations and lifestyle tips!

Helen Long

Speaking of walking the walk, our next  mama on the list is one who’s eco practices go far beyond the bounds of commendability. Helen Long, who originally started her blog (Vegan Family Guide) as she wanted to create the place she wishes she’d had as a new vegan mum. 

Why is she so commenable?

Helen and her family currently live in a Passivhaus within an eco community. The Passivhaus is well insulated, so it stays warm and uses less power. They live on a car-free street and are a part of an electric car share scheme. What’s more, there’s a community bikeshed, with electric and pedal bicycles on offer, a wholefood cooperative store; all of which is powered by a micro hydroelectric power station and solar panels. WIthin the community they share washing machines and, sometimes, even meals. 

The benefits to their children of this eco-lifestyle include safety from cars, loads of space for playtime, a great community feel making it easy to meet people and to pass down old clothes and toys.

Anyone looking to live a more eco-conscious life can certainly take a leaf out of Helen’s book. We find her so inspiring!

Kimberley Jayne

Last and by no means least is mama and nano-influencer Kimberley. Kimberley is a mother from Torbay in Devon, who’s IG feed features heartwarming content of her and her boys enjoying their outdoorsy lifestyle down in the South West. 

With colourful and warming posts of Kimberley and her boys’ adventures, this channel is perfect for anyone wanting to be inspired by some good old family fun, whether that’s on a walk, playing in a park or kicking back under a rug at home. 

We hope that you can find some inspiration from these motherhood nano-creators who, we feel, each bring something quite different to the table. There should be something for everyone here!

Whether you’re a brand looking for future influencer collaborations or you’re a parent looking to do something a little different during this lockdown, there’ll be a mama here for you!

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