Lifestyle Bloggers to Watch in 2021

Our second roundup of Lifestyle bloggers to watch this year features some great curators of style, tips and advice from everything beauty, travel, food film and TV related! They’re all fantastic producers of content and offer an honest and interesting perspective while giving you inspiration for your everyday life.

Check out their blogs in the list below for some exciting ideas and entertaining reads. You can find their Instagram profiles here too to take a visual dive into their worlds.

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All from our own community of ethical influencers, here’s 7 bloggers that we can’t wait to see more of!

Ana De-Jesus

Ana is a multi-award-winning Lifestyle Blogger over at her blog, Faded Spring as well as a part-time Mermaid and Unicorn at weekends. She’s passionate about advocating for a cruelty free, sustainable lifestyle and is a long-term vegetarian, who largely eats a vegan diet. She believes that eating less meat will help us minimise our impact on the environment and is proud to be a blogger who champions animal rights. 

As a colour lover, she’s rarely seen in anything that isn’t bold, bright, and out there and this translates into her writing too, often writing from a lyrical prose/poetry point of view, creating content on dating and relationships, mental health and wellbeing, cruelty free living, travel, sustainability and vegetarian and vegan food and drink. Whether highlighting new vegan clothing brands who use sustainable materials, championing UK rural staycations or sharing eco-friendly tips, anything that Ana writes about is infused with love, passion, and enthusiasm. 

Catch up with her world on her Instagram (@faded_spring).

Gwenda Gawel

Green Union started life as a wedding directory of eco-friendly businesses over 14 years ago. Gwenda took over in early 2019 with a plan to develop the wedding blog and also to introduce a dedicated lifestyle blog, because sustainability and conscious consumerism envelopes every aspect of our lives, both before, during, and after the wedding day!

Curating a slick and minimal style blog, Gwenda hopes to bring eco-conscious weddings to the mainstream. While she admits she’s not perfect all the time when it comes to her own eco-efforts, she still aims to support sustainable brands with her shopping. Her blog is also hosted with an eco hosting company, banks with an ethical bank and contributes to tree planting schemes for all partner signups and renewals. 

Check out the Instagram for the blog (

Phoebe Person

Phoebe relaunched her blog almost two years ago because she wanted somewhere to put her creative projects (and miscellaneous thoughts). She loves trying new crafts, sewing, baking, sculpting, and particularly loves figuring out how to make her own versions of things, whether it’s clothing or cake. There are also reviews of the products that she thinks are worth spending money on, gardening projects, and the occasional podcast recommendation!

On her blog you’ll find her own thoughts on everything from recipes, beauty and travel to crafts and wedding topics. And yes, Beloved is her real middle name! 

Find Phoebe on Instagram to see the latest from her (@phoebebeloved).

Lisa-Jane Holmes

Many years back when Lisa-Jane first started her blog it was purely for healthy recipes, as her PT clients and class members would regularly ask her what they should eat and cook pre and post workout, so she decided to share recipes in one place so that everyone could access them. But it quickly expanded into covering fitness, lifestyle, travel, fashion… As people seemed to be just as interested in what activewear brands she wore to places she’d recommend for a weekend break!

Lisa-Jane is also passionate about showing that bloggers and influencers aren’t just females in their early 20s. She turned 40 last year and wanted to show that you don’t just stop being relevant once you pass your late 20s! She’s far more confident in her body than she was 15 years ago, she trains harder than ever and adores fashion and beauty – so she figured surely she can’t be alone in this?! So her blog, the Wildcat Way goes to show sass and style never go out of fashion… At any age! 

Find out just how right she is about that by following her on Instagram (@wildcatfit).

Simone Ribeiro

Simone was born in Brazil but has spent the last decade living in the UK where she blogs about travel tips and eco-friendly lifestyle at Midlands Traveller. Her blog is a mish-mash of both Brazillian and British culture and she likes to think of herself as a citizen of The UK, where she lives, and Brazil, where she was born.

As a passionate traveller, she offers advice for all kinds of adventures from more upscale destinations and accommodation to guides on free things to do and explore in certain places. 

Catch up with her on Instagram (@Moluska).

Alice Brown

At Home With Alice focuses on home and interiors, lifestyle and travel tips. These three topics have always been a passion of Alice’s and she started the blog as a place to bring them all together. She has a keen interest in photography, content creation and already had a successful Instagram account and wanted to take the next step within blogging and influencing. 

She’s now started new social channels and hopes to bring all of these platforms together to create a huge brand that is At Home With Alice… She has plenty more ideas to come, so watch this space and check out her Instagram (@athomewith_alice).

Joey Tamburello

Joey is a lifestyle and entertainment blogger over at Let’s Start With This One… Currently she’s focusing on all aspects of life and hopes to offer a safe place that you can all enjoy and feel happy reading. You’ll find everything from reviews, gift recommendations to competitions and recipes!

She started the blog to express her love of film and TV, but has since expanded it to feature anything and everything. For Joey, blogging has become a lifeline that helps her focus on fun and fearless things. It is a place that allows her to relax and unwind. She’s made some amazing friends along the way and hopes that she can get to know more of you through it in the future. 

Catch up with Joey’s world on Instagram (@joeytamburello).

Hopefully you’ve discovered some new favourite bloggers here in our second roundup! Be sure to give them a follow to stay up to date with their posts and check them out on their socials to say “hi” – they’re always more than happy to connect and engage with their audiences.

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