Motherhood Micro-Influencers You Need to Follow in 2021

The longer social media has been around, the more time people have had to grow to nano (and even, micro) influencer status organically. Developing in this way allows channels to naturally form a community around them and, oftentimes, leads to far greater authenticity and more successful brand collaborations. This is the case for many of the motherhood bloggers and channels on this list.

Mothers are incredible. I know my mum is. They are selfless, driven, multi-taskers who are selflessly dedicated to their little ones. What’s obvious though, is being a mum is not easy. Sometimes mums need support from others and that’s what you’ll get from the women on this list. How so many of them have the time to be full-time mothers whilst managing an online community, offering advice and being constantly engaged with their audience is beyond us. It certainly adds some proof to the fact that these women are worth watching in 2021!

So, whether you’re launching a new parenting, motherhood, child or maternity brand, or you’re a mum or dad looking for some family-themed inspiration for your life, this list of mumma creators is for you.

Shelley Whittaker

Shelley is an Aussie mum living in York with her husband, daughter and 2 beagles who started her Instagram journey back in 2016. Now a fully-fledged blogger, her posts feature all things motherhood and travel with a dash of luxury lifestyle.

Shelley travels around the world with her husband and little girl, aiming to inspire other families to get out there and experience the majesty of our planet and all the experience and adventure it has to offer.

For all mothers out there, Shelley wants to help them to maintain their identity and sense of worth after having children. When we asked Shelley what message she wants to get across in her content, she told us that “whilst life might be completely different once the kids arrive, it doesn’t mean you have to give up everything.” 

Check out her IG (@wander_and_luxe) if you are in need of a little inspiration in your life!

Lauren Utteridge

Lauren’s page features her wholesome family experiencing the world around them in Kent. On a journey to live a simpler life, Lauren’s Instagram (@dotty_about_ivyandcasper) displays plenty of photos of her two children and their fun filled lives. From a walk surrounded by nature to snuggling down under a rug at home watching a film with a cup of tea, her IG feed does it all.

Doing what she can for the environment, Lauren has started teaching her three-year-old daughter Ivy about the importance of sustainability. It all began when her and her family built an allotment in their garden last year. Follow their progress to see Ivy helping to look after their plants.

Lauren has built a community around her of similar mothers and families who love to follow her journey through life, making her perfect for any motherhood and toddler brands looking to gain some exposure with their potential audience.

Katie Dean

When Katie Dean started her Instagram channel @mama_and_four she never expected it to evolve into what it’s become today. Originally used as an outlet to post all the photos of her children, her account has now grown to micro-influencer status within the parenting and motherhood community.

It didn’t get here overnight though. Katie spent time making friends with other mothers online and building a solid community of followers around her. As we all know, the best creators are the ones who are genuine and authentic. So, it’s great to see people like Katie growing their channels organically and building a following naturally.

Katie also has a blog, Life with My Four, where she shares her experiences and tips with the other mothers in her community. She’s very dedicated to her children and speaks openly in her blog posts about everything from fun family experiences to more difficult aspects of being a mother. She’s also environmentally conscious, wanting her children to be able to experience the same beauty in the world as she did.

Her IG feed features plenty of pictures of family activities and her children, making her perfect for any motherhood and child brand collaborations.

Niamh Holden

Niamh is a 21-year-old mother of two daughters and blogger from Lancashire who started her journey as a creator at the beginning of the pandemic last year. Having since connected with numerous like-minded mums, her channel has grown to over 10K in a short space of time.

Niamh is all about openness, honesty and inclusivity, wanting to show other mums they’re not alone in feeling overwhelmed at times. Moreover, on her blog, Blogging Through Madness, she speaks of the difficulties she faced as a single, young mother and the ups and downs of everything in life.

The fact that she’s grown in such a quick fashion speaks to how well she connects with her followers and how she speaks to so many mums out there when she talks of not letting what’s happened in life define you.

Finally, Niamh tries to be eco-friendly and raise her daughters to be so too. Always trying her best to make little switches in her life, whether it’s making sure all household waste is recycled correctly, drying clothes on the washing line or walking rather than driving where possible.

Check out her IG channel @blogging_through_madness for content of her and her two daughters taking on the world.

Rachel Weaver

With a passion for photography and family time, Rachel (@beachlifemuma) is a mother of four boys from Devon. Her feed is jam packed with colourful content of her and her boys all across the Devonshire countryside.

Kick-started by her love of taking photos, Rachel quickly found she really enjoyed sharing her content with others on Instagram. Since, she’s come to find great uses for it too, from sharing ideas for all walks of family and home life, to getting inspiration from others and forming friendships.

Her family lives by the sea and often observe the effects of environmental damage to our beaches first hand. As a result, Rachel and her husband try to teach their sons to be aware and proactive in looking after the environment. She believes, having lived in such a beautiful part of the country, that it’s just as important to protect it as it is to enjoy it. This is reflected in her outdoorsy content, often featuring stunning landscapes and pictures of her children on walks or at the beach.

Natalia Barnus 

Natalia is a loving mother to her two-year-old daughter, Erin, who is the main focus of her Instagram. Currently expecting another baby in March, Natalia is perfect for any maternity, baby or toddler brand collaborations. Her channel features colourful and engaging content of her family who love going out and exploring the world.

Like others on this list, Natalia’s Instagram (@erin.grace.b) journey started quite by accident. Taking hundreds of pictures of her child a day, she started uploading them to her Instagram channel. Next thing, she entered the realm of being a micro-influencer, inspiring other families to take on new adventures and sharing her favourite products, in the hope people love using them as much as she does.

As a trilingual woman whose lived in three countries she’s particularly cultured, making her comfortable on the move and being in foreign places. Check out her IG feed to follow the life of her incredibly sweet daughter, Erin, on her magical journey through our world. 

Amy Owens

Amy is a UK mum who originally started her IG channel (@dairyfreestan) to prove that dairy free weaning can be easy and just as enjoyable as normal weaning. From there she grew her audience organically, encompassing other topics such as fashion, everyday life and food along the way.

Also from the countryside, Amy’s channel features plenty of photos of her two young boys, alongside great recipes she likes to whip up in the kitchen. She focuses on authenticity in her content, wanting to show that real life can still be beautiful.

Amy rightfully says that no one is perfect when it comes to being eco-friendly, and classes herself and her boys as a “normal” British family trying to make changes where possible. Her open and honest attitude on the subject reveals her modest and respectable stance on the issue.

Julia Orlova

Julia is the only non-UK creator to make it onto our list. Based in Toronto, Canada, her IG feed (@juliaoraofficial) explores the simple pleasures in life, including everything from style to makeup and jewelry to motherhood.

Her honest reviews of the brands and products she samples are well respected by her audience and drive significant engagement on her channel.

What first captured our attention about Julia was her fun-filled reels of her playing games with her two young’uns.

Then, we noticed that Julia is a ‘Mompreneur’. She has her own jewelry brand and is a freelance Graphic Designer and Digital artist making her an inspiration to all mums out there who don’t see how any mother could have the time to do anything else.

To Close

Whether you were here looking for potential micro-influencers for your next campaign, or you just wanted some wholesome family content to get inspired by, we hope this list of motherhood creators will help you on your way!

Before you go I’ve just got one question:

Who will you be following after this post? And, Why?

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