Nutrition Influencers to follow

Bodies are our temples… at least until next Friday rolls around! After lockdown we’ve all been looking for guidance on living with a healthier mindset. That’s why we collated another 10 our favourite nutrition to inspire you.

“42% of consumers consider wellness a top priority”

Mckinsey, 2020

According to a study done by Mckinsey, out of 7,500 consumers asked 79 percent said they believe that wellness is important. In addition, 42 percent consider it a top priority. Plus, it’s estimated the the wellness market will be worth an 1.5 trillion dollars in the next 2 years. So using these influencers could be a great boost to your brands campaigns.


Crosby Tailor is a wellness influencer who focuses on health and fitness. We love his recipes, nutrition tips, and quality food pics. His particular focus is gut health, and sugar-free desserts.  Tailord Life, his business – helps people connect their emotional, physical and spiritual selves so they can thrive.

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Body by Breakfast

Erin Christ is a wellness influencer who wants to empower her followers towards healthy relationships with food. It’s no wonder she helps people rediscover their love for life through positivity, self-love, and good, healthy food with such beautiful food recipes!

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Dr Deepika Chopra

Dr. Deepika Chopra (as the name suggests) specialises in evidence-based science and holistic practices. She’s helped scores of clients cultivate a sense of long lasting, optimism, resilience, and happiness in their lives. The optimistic doctor also runs a podcast and a website.

The “optimism doctor” also has an aptly names website ( “all things are looking up”) and hosts a podcast: Looking Up with Dr. Deepika Chopra.

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Jolene Hart  

Author of the Eat Pretty books, Jolene is a health coach passionate about nutrition and making it beautiful to everyone.

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The self dubbed “green angel”, Andrea is a wellness & Longevity Expert. It’s not just healthy recipes you’ll find either, she also loves to post about her quiet luxury items and beauty brands she favours most.

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Lindsay is all about simplifying health and learning to live life the way nature is intended. She set up her own tea making company @drinkbysymbi to keep her follower hydrated along the way!

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Michigan based nutritionist and photographer Ara has been making all our mouth water with her food shots! Her bright and colourful feed is a great start for anyone looking to get excited by healthy food recipes.

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Kylie Ivanir

Kylie Ivanir is a dietitian and expert on gut health that wants her followers to be inspired to optimise their weight, energy, skin and mood. She also runs a podcast called within nutrition by Kylie.

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Strength and Salad

As a nutritionist in training, Alex is all about promoting wellness in your life through food.
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Savanna Jimenez is a Washington based holistic nutrition & health coach.
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That was our top nutrition influencers to watch out for! Looking for more influencers? Check out our curated lists here.

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