Our climate is changing
has been put there in the last 30 years from burning fossil fuels
Half the carbon we’ve put into the atmosphere since the beginning of human history
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Time for action
it's time to take climate change into our own hands
Governments and industries are pumping greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere...
Enter the eco-preneur duo
and putting it into the hands of everyday people
taking the power out of the hands of the big guys
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Our Mission

A recent study found that planting 1.2 trillion trees would cancel out a decades worth of CO2 emissions. 

Whilst our large corporations and governments have started to pay closer attention to climate change, the overarching method from our scientists is that not enough is being done!

It’s time for us as individuals to stand up and do our part…

This is why we’ve created The Exploratree Marketing Blog and our purpose-driven platform: Kinsume

Join us Today on our mission to plant 10 million trees a year and save the plant for future generations.

Our Mission In Numbers

10 Million

Trees contributed by our community each year

7.8 Billion

People on our planet

1.2 Trillion

Trees needed


Trees per person

10 Years

To fight this thing

How To Get Involved

Become a Kinsumer

If you’re a blogger, social influencer, content creator, brand owner or marketeer then you can get involved through our affiliate marketplace where we plant trees for every sale made. Sign up Today to plant your first tree and begin your eco-superstar journey!

Join our fb Communitree

The Eco-Communitree is a place where all things eco, affiliate and influencer are shared. Here you can grow your online channels, network with other likeminded people and help spread the message of taking climate change into our own hands

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For every subscriber to our blog we’ll plant one tree every month, you’ll receive a Sapling Certificate to tell you more about the tree you planted AND you’ll never miss a post on the hot topics of affiliate campaigns, the influencer industry and the state of our planet…

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