Our Initiative: Planting Trees For The Future

Our Initiative

As we all know, climate change is one of the greatest threats we are facing in the world Today.

One fantastic way to tackle climate change is reforestation and tree planting.

In this BBC video, we are told if we planted 1.2 trillion trees then we’d cancel out a decades worth of co2 emissions by the time the forests matured (that’s 153 trees per person on the planet).

Our tree planting initiative is a way we could all help with this and we’ve incredibly excited to be sharing it with you Today!

It does exactly what it says on the tin, we plant at least 1 tree for every sale generated by our affiliates, meaning anyone shopping on Kinsume can redefine what shopping sustainably means for themselves and their followers.

Our Inspiration

During lockdown every Brit spent almost £800 on non-essentials online, meaning if they all shopped on Kinsume they would have planted around 50 trees each.

A total of 3.3 billion trees in just three months…

That’s 2.5% of the way to hitting the BBC’s target of 160 trees per person from just one country, in only a quarter of a year!

These stats prove we have the power to participate in this fight against global warming even on the individual level, especially when applying our eco-initiative to people’s shopping habits.

To do our part we’ve decided to extend our tree planting to this blog, where we’ll plant 1 tree per month for every subscriber.

Subscribe here and we’ll send over your first tree’s certificate, letting you know everything about your input!

How It Came To Be

Rob and I have always been planet aware and have kept a close eye on the detrimental effects we are having on the climate and our planet.

We feel a responsibility as entrepreneurs to guide the market towards more eco initiatives by taking the power out of the hands of greedy corporations and putting it into the hands of everyday people.

Our Partner Charity

Enter Trees For The Future, a charity that’s been changing the world for decades and has planted over 60 million trees using their incredible approach they call ‘Forest Gardens’.

Forest Gardens are a superior farming system with the potential to end hunger and poverty for millions of subsistence farmers struggling to survive throughout the developing world.”

To break this down, every tree pledged on Kinsume will be planted in these forest gardens as a fruit or nut bearing tree which will later be gifted to local communities so they can fulfill their subsistence needs and build a business from selling their goods.

So, the benefits include:

  • permanently increasing the income of impoverished farmers
  • empowering hungry families to feed themselves 
  • revitalizing degraded lands and increasing bio-diversity

This makes the benefits of a Kinsume tree two-fold; not only will your trees support those in need and slowly bring them out of poverty, but will also contribute to the global fight against climate change!

Let’s dig into how they could tackle global warming…

The Benefits of Tree Planting

Tree planting is a fantastic form of natural carbon capture and will ultimately bring us closer to being carbon neutral.

Let’s look at an example:

A single tree absorbs an average of around 22kg of CO2 per year.

The average Brit puts around 10 tons of carbon into the atmosphere each year.

This means you’d need to plant around 550 trees every year if you wanted to offset your average carbon input as a Brit.

Take this quick carbon footprint test to work out exactly how many you would need to plant to offset your input!

Why Now

Personally, my climate change awakening occurred a couple of years ago when I saw an interview of an American journalist called David Wallace-Wells where he was talking vehemently about the potential repercussions if we weren’t to act fast.

Here’s a great interview of David.

There were a few standout points which originally piqued my interest in the subject which I’ll share with you now.

Did you know that half of all the carbon we’ve put into the atmosphere from the beginning of human history has been put there in the last 30 years from burning fossil fuels? (Glen Peters, Center for International Climate Research)

That’s just one generation…

Then, have you heard the UN has said we need to half global carbon emissions by 2030 if we are to avoid 2°C warming (which they call “catastrophic warming”)?

That’s less than a generation…

It’s pretty powerful to think we messed up our planet in one generation, and now the fate of future generations hangs in the balance, totally dependent on how we act in the next 10-20 years.

So, what’s the current situation?

The planet is now warmer than it ever has been for humans to be around to walk on it.

We are currently at around 1.1°C global warming and it seems incredibly unlikely we will stop 2°C warming.

Let’s delve into what 2°C warming would mean…

2°C warming would make many middle eastern cities unlivable as a result of the heat by 2050… It would also put certain ice sheets into permanent collapse, leading to a potential 260 feet rise in sea levels if they eventually all melted.

This would put a country like Bangladesh almost totally underwater and turn their 165 million people into climate refugees.

Believe it or not we are currently on track for 4°C warming…

If we eventually reached this level there’s expected to be between 200 million – 1 billion climate refugees by the end of the century and 600 trillion in climate damages from natural disasters caused by our input.

Just so you know, the last time the planet was 4°C warmer there were palm trees in the arctic… wrap your head around that!

Stay tuned for more details on our current situation and what the future could look like!

What all this shows us is whether or not these predications are 100% accurate, we’d better prepare for the worst, even if it is just in case…

Join Us

This is why we are calling upon all content creators, influencers and bloggers to help us to get this message out to the world, so we can all start making a difference together!

There will be fun gifts and perks for planting more trees, stay tuned to hear more next week.

This is Green Lantern,

Thanks to everyone reading and let’s get planting!

Catch you next time,



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