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8 Sustainable Brands to Keep Your Kitchen Clean AND Green

From dish soaps to refill packs to beeswax wraps, we personally love these 8 sustainable brands for their sleek designs, the longevity of their products and their commitment to sustainability. If you’re looking to inject some more ethical items into your kitchen collection but don’t want to break the bank, here are 8 great brands to get you started.

Wrap up tight!


Handcrafted in the cotswolds, these award-winning beeswax wraps are a great plastic free alternative to cling film or foil and last for up to a year.  If you’re vegan don’t fret! They have a sister company which produces a vegan version with the same adorable patterns to choose from. We love that they also showcase other eco brands in their directory to help give us all a little nudge towards making more ethical choices.

Get started now with 10% off your first order on their site.

Sustainable Suds


Founded by two best friends trying to protect the ocean, Bam and Boo is your go to call for any ethically sourced bamboo products. From bamboo toothbrushes to facial creams, they’ve pledged to keep all of their best selling products climate neutral. They’ve also just launched a Ukrainian coloured toothbrush with all proceeds going towards UNICEF efforts to support refugees from the war. 

If you’re tired of ugly and wasteful bottles, try BamandBoo’s sweet smelling wash bars which last 2x longer than conventional washing up liquid – and look much prettier too! 

Greener Utensils


We love this next company for its commitment to independent and local UK businesses. West Yorkshire based Eco-Garden is committed to finding viable plastic free alternatives by collaborating with ethical suppliers and championing small business owners that host their products. What’s not to love when they also pledge to plant a tree for every product sold?

Their 100% plastic free kitchen brush set is made from sustainable, ethically sourced beechwood and is a great start for anyone looking to make washing up a little more stylish.

Bio-based detergent


These eco-friendly, vegan dishwashing tablets have taken instagram by storm. Smol is on a mission to prove that sustainability and convenience can coincide with their letterbox subscription plan. Since launching in 2018 they’ve saved over 300 tonnes of plastic and 1000 tonnes of chemicals. And it’s not just the planet they’re helping either; They cut out the middle man on distribution to keep costs down so clean clothes are affordable to all.

Now there’s no excuse to smell bad!

Refill Revolution


Bower collective’s commitment to kickstart the “refill revolution” has already helped save 20,000kg of plastic waste from ending up in landfill. Not convinced? Download their digital waste calculator to see how much plastic you could be saving by making the switch! Their entire range is made in the UK, vegan, cruelty free and smells great!

What’s not to love?

Ditch the Kitchen Roll!


Everyday in the UK we throw away up to 1,000 kitchen sponges! London based, mum of two, Laura changed all that when she founded Seep. She created Seep’s natural loofah cloths to absorb more than traditional paper towels or microfibre cloths and to be reused again and again…and again! Furthermore, when they finally reach the end of their lives they’re 100% recyclable. Seep is also a “Climate Positive” company. This means they offset 3x their carbon footprint by investing into local sustainable initiatives.

Non Toxic Cookware


If you’re looking for kitchen cookware that doesn’t break the bank or the planet, The Always Pan is the perfect all in one solution. Designed by cookware brand OurPlace, it does the job of 3 pans in one. Additionally it’s non-toxic, non-stick and comes with a beechwood spatula. The company strives for sustainability in everything they do. Like their commitment to helping people in food deserts have access to good quality food with their Healthy Neighbourhood program in South LA.

Sustainable Storage


Elephant box’s female co founders designed their durable, sleek and practical lunch boxes to last a lifetime. That’s why they’re our alternative suggestion to plastic tupperware. Make sure you’re doing your part to reduce the estimated 11 billion items of packaging waste the UK generated last year. Their range also covers water bottles, coffee cups and kitchenware.

Additionally, 1% of every sale goes towards supporting environmental non profit organisations like Surfers for Sewage which helps campaign for marine conservation.

We hope this post served as a great start towards a greener and cleaner kitchen! We are passionate about supporting local and independent businesses for the long haul to keep pushing this industry towards a more sustainable and ethical path so look out for more of these brand recommendations in the future. Be sure to also check out our green living series for more sustainable tips!

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