Sustainable Content Creators To Follow in 2021

For years now, the science has been crystal clear. We all need to make significant changes in our lives if we are to overcome climate change and keep global warming to below 2°C. If we don’t, then life as we know it will change forever and the very existence of our species could be extinguished altogether. Our existence would have been nothing but a blink for planet earth, which would go on orbiting the sun as if nothing had changed at all.

None of us desire this reality. Yet, due to many reasons it seems we are unable to react to this climate catastrophe with appropriate haste. Limited by being too enthralled in our lives.

However, that’s not the end of this story. In recent years, a global consciousness has started to form around the negative impacts we are having on our planet and its eco-systems. Consumers around the world have started to demand more ethical and eco-friendly practices from companies, whilst making changes in their own lives towards sustainability.

Like any mass movement throughout history, it all starts with a few leading the way forward for the rest. That’s why we’ve put together this list of sustainable content creators to follow in 2021, because sometimes we all need some inspiration to spur us to take our next step forwards.

Monika Poppy


Monika is a Swedish/Persian creator based in London whose content focuses on easy sustainable alternatives. Not limiting herself to just one area of sustainable living, you’ll find her feed jam-packed full of various eco-alternatives, from sustainable fashion pieces, to vegan recipes and at-home eco-swaps; Monika does it all.  

When asked what’s most important to her, Monika was quick to explain how she doesn’t believe in shaming anyone for being unethical or unsustainable. Instead, she believes in encouraging everyone to take small steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

“I think being sustainable should always be relatable and not a 360 change overnight.”

Monika Poppy

Rachel Elms


Next on our list is Rachel, a sustainability consultant based in London whose passion for sustainability shines through her blog, Sustainably Simple. Her interest was originally sparked while she was studying geography at university and has since transpired into the seasoned blogger you’ll find today.

Rachel’s blog encourages people to make small changes towards living a more sustainable lifestyle. She firmly believes in the power of the individual. Constantly making the point that by making small changes your impact could be far greater than you could have imagined.

For a deep dive into sustainable food, travel, style and lifestyle we recommend checking out Rachel’s content. What’s more, if you’re a fellow Londoner you should check out the ‘London Living’ section on her blog where you’ll find where your closest zero waste stores, ethical boutiques and food and drink venues for a positive impact are, alongside information on upcoming sustainability events.

Gaia Rattazzi


Gaia is a sustainable fashion content creator with an undergraduate degree in Environmental Management and Sustainability. Her Instagram feed features educational and inspiring content on the seen and unseen negative impacts of our global fashion industry.

Want to know why the future of fashion is in preloved clothing? Would you like to be able to spot quality clothes when you see them? Ever wondered why fast fashion is so terrible?

Check out Gaia’s channel for answers to these critical questions.

Gaia’s motto is “buy less, choose well and make it last.” With such a passion for sustainable clothing and the damage done by treating clothes like disposables, Gaia uses her platform to raise awareness about the negative impacts of fashion and aims to inspire positive buying habits and conscious consumption.

Stephanie Todd 


Stephanie is a full time Sustainability Manager at a London University, sustainability influencer and Climate Reality Leader.

She has a first-class master’s degree in Environmental Sciences from the University of Southampton, is a passionate environmentalist and via her Instagram platform, @sustainable_stephanie, she shares sustainable swaps and encourages others to live more consciously.

Stephanie trained with former Vice President Al Gore in 2020 and aims to educate and motivate individuals to take action on tackling the Climate Crisis.

On her Instagram feed you’ll find everything, from educational content like her recent post on the damaging impact of sending, receiving and keeping unnecessary emails, and inspiring ideas about how to take responsibility for our actions and the right way to think about sustainability.

Karen Maurice


Karen spent over a decade working as a fashion buyer for some of the biggest brands on the UK high street. Fast fashion, was what she was all about. However, it was during this time that she saw firsthand some of the devastation caused by the fast fashion industry.

Karen’s job required her to visit factories in the UK, Europe and as far flung as China and Bangladesh. After she had her daughter she had the time to reflect on the impact fast fashion has on garment workers and the environment. So, she starting her blog where she shares brands who are doing things in a different way. Brands who care about people, planet and making good quality clothes to last.

Karen’s sustainable journey started with clothing, but has slowly worked its way into every area of life. As she said to us, “We’ve not got it all sorted by any means, but are constantly seeking sustainable alternatives for everyday living.”

What we love about Karen’s unique story is the perspectives working within these industries afforded her. You can imagine if more people experienced the terrors of fast fashion in the way that Karen has done, then they’d be more likely to be doing more towards living a sustainable lifestyle.

Shona Stephenson


‘The world doesn’t need a few people doing sustainable living perfectly, it needs millions of people doing it imperfectly”

Anne-Marie Bonneau

Shona loves this quote because it reminds her that we don’t have to be doing EVERYTHING under the sustainable living umbrella. Small changes have such a huge impact.

Her sustainable living journey has been very gradual. It started when she decided to go vegetarian around 3 years ago. Her eyes opened to how much of a negative impact such small actions in her life (from what she ate to what she wore) had on the animals, people and environment. From there she has been making small but consistent swaps towards a more sustainable lifestyle, such as quitting fast fashion, switching to reusable items and eating a plant-based diet. She’s found it super motivating and easy to do it this way rather than changing everything at once, which is something we can all learn from!

On her Instagram account she shares information, recommendations, tips and stories from her own journey.

To finish off, here’s a quote from Shona that beautifully sums up her outlook on sustainable living.

“The planet is a beautiful place and it’s devastating to see it being damaged by meaningless actions that we as humans are taking. I believe that everyone should play their part in protecting our planet and everything on it, and doing so by finding a way that suits them. ‘Sustainable Living’ isn’t a one size fits all type of thing. Everyone is on their own journey and that’s wonderful. As long as we are all heading in the same direction towards a cleaner and greener planet.”

Shona stephenson

Isabelle Winter


Enter Isabelle from Green Luxury Guide.

Isabelle lives in Munich and has been working in communications for luxury and consumer goods brands, as well as cultural institutions for many years. She’s a green skincare and sustainable travel expert, however, also writes about eco fashion and innovative products and ideas.  

While she advocates a sustainable lifestyle, she wants to show her followers and readers that we all can live consciously without compromising in style and quality. This is why her blog is called Green Luxury Guide.

Isabelle’s vision is to live in a world where we are mindful of our environment, appreciate beauty, and support sustainable innovation.

Lynsey Clayton


For a collage of all things green-living and sustainability there’s nowhere better than Lynsey Clayton’s blog, Monsoon of Random. On here, Lynsey discusses everything from vegan recipes and ethical beauty, to animal welfare and slow fashion. 

As a member of the Ethical Influencers community and rep for @leavesoftheworld, an award winning organic and vegan tea brand with biodegradable bags, Lynsey has made great strides on her journey to a sustainable life. 

We love Lynsey’s blog because she’s got some really interesting, quirky views and she covers such a range of topics, talking about them in such an engaging and relatable way! We all need some inspiration to be a little greener in our lives and we feel that Monsoon of Random is a fantastic place for any newly formed eco-conscious warriors to help them along their way. 

Wrap Up

We hope you enjoyed reading about these lovely ladies and the inspiring work they are doing to make the world a better place for future generations to come. There should be something for everyone, whatever area of sustainability you want to focus on.

Whether you’re looking for at-home swaps to make your home greener, tips for sustainable travel or just to explore and educate yourself on sustainability, this list of sustainable content creators is for you!

Thanks for reading!

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