Hello fellow marketers and creators!

We are incredibly excited to welcome you to our blog.

As Co-founders of Kinsume, one of the world’s first eco-marketing platforms, we are dedicated to making a difference to the wellbeing of our planet by nurturing players in the industry towards wildly profitable campaigns, whilst helping them to play their part in saving planet earth.

Our story is pretty simple.

Two young marketers trying to find their way in the world met working in the entertainment biz in Shanghai, China, only to find they shared a mutual desire to break-free from the standard 9-5 way of life.


Through a shared passion for climate change and life residing on our planet we began searching for a way to shake up the industry and get as many people talking about the issue as possible.

Here our Tree Planting Initiative was born where we plant trees for every purchase on our platform (and for every subscriber to our blog)…

This blog is here to help any marketers or creators achieve their dreams by shifting their perspective and providing a fresh lens through which to view the affiliate and influencer industries, whilst, of course, promoting shopping sustainably and sharing the latest news and horror stories emanating from the top nature and environmental sources.

Stick with us to stay informed, grow faster, bond better and build status all through the power of eco!


Meet the London-based eco-preneur duo behind Exploratree. The ones bringing you the latest and greatest tips on how to grow your audience whilst staying eco…

George Spain-Warner

Co-founder @ Kinsume, Co-author of Exploratree Marketing

AKA Green Lantern, dedicated to lighting your way forwards through the darkness…

Email me: george@exploratree.blog

Rob Pringle

Co-founder @ Kinsume, Co-author of Exploratree Marketing

AKA Green Arrow, showing you where to shoot when you can’t see the target…

Email me: rob@exploratree.blog

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