The Ultimate List Of Home And Living Content Creators (P1)

As we’re all tucked up in our homes, living out the last few days of lockdown, isolation and social distancing, it makes sense to keep our home lives as pleasant, colourful and comfortable as possible.

Luckily for you we’ve put together a list of our absolute favourite home and living content creators to give you inspiration for sprucing up your home.

Adele Teather


Adele is a 22-year-old blogger who recently bought her first home with her partner Tom. Adele created her blog, Dull to Desirable, to share their story of how they saved up for a deposit and bought their first house at a young age.

Documenting the highs and lows of their first renovation project with the goal of inspiring other young people by showing them that it is possible to get on the property ladder early on, this blogger is a great option for first time buyers who are looking for a little extra motivation and inspiration.

One of the key lessons you’ll learn from Adele is to not be put off by the inside of a house as a lot can be changed to modernise the décor, as you’ll see from her fresh and sleek content on her Instagram.

Monica Torosiants


Monica is a home and lifestyle blogger who loves cleaning, organising and being productive. Ever since she was a little girl her room was always tidy and organised. This led her to become a Home Organiser in her adult life.   

She started her journey as a lifestyle blogger and eventually settled on the home and décor niche for her focus. Her goal is to help busy mums with their cleaning and organising so that they can live a functional life.

She launched her own organising business in October 2020, but since lockdown she has been using her time to provide tips, printables, challenges and more for DIY decluttering, cleaning, styling and organising on both her blog and social media accounts.

She even wrote an e-book, the “10-step guide on how to declutter your home and mind.” Head over to her Instagram or blog to start cleaning and organising your home like Monica does!

Kay Broomfield


Kay started her Instagram account to motivate herself to work on her house and make it extra special. Not only has it indeed kept her motivated but she’s also made wonderful friends along the way and been inspired by many of the homes her followers share with her.

Her account showcases her family’s five-bedroom house and two-bedroom bungalow in the grounds. She loves to share her smart-home finds and décor choices that look great but are still functional in a busy family home.

Check out Kay’s Instagram to take a visual dive into the life and home of her and her family.

Kate Kirdar


Kate describes her Instagram account as “everyday lifestyle” which includes her interests and personal experiences. She creates content to promote small and new businesses and restaurants, which she shares her honest reviews on.

On Kate’s account you’ll find plenty of home and living content to inspire your life, whether it’s in the wellness, beauty, homeware or food categories.

When it comes to home décor, Kate loves the mix of warm wood and neutral tones present in modern designs. For her, it’s all about incorporating organic layers with clean lines and a few collected pieces to create an inviting, lived-in home.

These days she loves everything arched. Arched doorways, mirrors, headboards, and fireplaces — she’ll take it all. In Kate’s mind, the arch adds so much architectural visual interest, and reminds her of her home country, Morocco.

Alice Brown


Alice started her journey as a content creator back in January 2020 when she had just purchased her first home. She decided to create an Instagram account to document her interest in home and interiors.

A year on, the account has grown and she’s found an interest in the blogging community. She created her own blog, with an additional social media account, and the brand At Home With Alice was born.

She’s now actively growing all her accounts as well as her blog. She loves working with brands in the home and interiors sector and is excited for the future and what this journey will bring her.  

Head over to her Instagram or blog to get top tips for making your home as sleek and stylish as hers!

Alisha Bassett


Alisha is a “hipping on a budget” turning her ’69 bungalow into a magic jungalow one thrift score and DIY at a time.

If you’re one for leafy, green friends then Alisha is the girl for you. Every room of her house is filled with an array of plants giving her living space a very natural and alive feeling. Her main focus is making a home that loves you back with vintage and thrifted items.

In Alisha’s words “Things don’t have to be brand new or cost a ton to make a space amazing!”

Head over to her Instagram account for DIY inspiration and thrift tips for how to create the home you’ve always wanted.

Jasmin White


Whilst recovering from an eating disorder in her late teens, Jasmin decided to start a blog. A safe online space free from judgement where she could share recipe ideas and document her journey. What she never imagined is how her little recipe blog would grow and how she would stumble upon an amazing community of people that she could share her creativity with. It was pretty ad-hoc until she decided to ditch the 9-5 in May 2018 and she hasn’t looked back since!

Jasmin’s blog has since evolved, and she now shares travel guides, resources for photographers and her photography work.

Presently she enjoys creating content for a variety of brands. She believes in being able to create without compromise — staying in line with a brand’s brief while maintaining the aesthetic she has carefully cultivated over the years. Her desire to live a slower and more sustainable life is reflected in the brands she works with.

On Instagram she shares snippets of day-to-day life in the Cambridgeshire countryside with her dog Vinny. There are themes of nature and slow living throughout her images which we absolutely love the style of.

Jasmin is a true creative with fantastic photography skills and an ability to bring warmth and character to all the content she creates. We cannot recommend her enough!

Samantha Hicks


Samantha started her channel as a creative outlet, sharing her styles and getting inspiration from others. Since it has driven her to start her own interior design business,, where she focuses on painting murals and designing schemes for others.

Being able to turn your passion into a full-time job is the dream for anyone and it certainly shines through particularly strongly in Samantha’s content. From her room makeovers, DIY tips and inspirations and cooking and lifestyle stories, Samantha is a fantastic option for anyone looking to be inspired by some modern and sleek interiors.

Mirela P


Mirela is a mother to two lovely boys who live together in a small condo in the US. When they moved in three years ago she was inspired to start organising things properly. Originally kicking off her Instagram account as a way to share her organisation ideas for small spaces, her channel slowly evolved into all areas of home décor and living.

As an advocate of natural living you’ll often find natural products promoted on her channel. Mirela’s style is modern and colourful which has attracted a community of followers who are highly engaged with her content and hang onto her every word for organisation and home décor tips.

Whether you’re a brand in the home and living niche looking to find influencers to promote your products, or you’ve recently moved house and are looking for interior design and home décor inspiration, this list of home and living creators is for you.

With a huge range of styles and focuses, these creators offer something for everyone, whether you’re a bit of a hippie, an organisation freak, a natural living lover or a modern mummy who just loves to browse beautiful homes, this list of wonderful ladies will have something to offer you.

Thanks to all these inspiring creators from our community for the brilliant content, beautiful homes and endless inspiration for any reno or deco projects. I know where I’ll be looking when I buy my first home!

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