The Ultimate List Of Home And Living Content Creators (P2)

Continuing on from part one, this roundup of Home and Living content creators is all you need to transform your home in 2021. With a solid range of styles to choose from there should be something for everyone. 

There’s nowhere more important than the home. As so many people’s “safe space”, where all home comforts are enjoyed, it makes sense to make this space as enjoyable and pleasant as possible. 

Take a leaf out of the books of these influencers and create your dream home with a few simple steps!

Caro Dodd Davies


First on our list is Caro from @the_listed_home who originally set up her account to document the renovation and extension of her grade 2 listed cottage, back in August 2019.

Already owning an Instagram account for her blog — @thetwinklediaries — which covers a little bit of everything, she wanted @the_listed_home to be a place just for her interior and garden related content.

As a result — over the last year and a half — she has met such an amazing community of interior obsessives, DIY-ers and home renovators, and grown a respectable community around her. 

She’s had people she’s never met commiserating with her when she was without a kitchen for 17 months; cheering when her and her partner’s extension was finished, and generally just being really supportive of everything they’ve done in their home.

She loves having a complete record of her renovation but the lovely friends she’s made along the way are priceless.

Check out her IG feed to take a visual dive into the interior of her beautiful and very stylish home.

Jade Gilder


Up next is Jade who, in a similar way to Caro, started her instagram to document her house renovation. After purchasing her first home in January 2020, she wanted to show the transformation of her new home from “granny to grand”.

On her IG feed you’ll find plenty of at-home organisation tips, alongside eco-friendly ways to create new storage by reusing old items!

Lorah-Kate Allen


Lorah-Kate is one you mustn’t miss if you’re into your creative styling, interiors and leafy green friends. Scrolling through her instagram you see how her home exudes life at every turn. With interesting trinkets, colour coded interiors and an array of plants even the Eden Project would struggle to contend with, this is an account for those of you who like a little excitement in your homes. 

If you’d like your home to be exploding with life at every turn then definitely check out Lorah-Kate’s feed, where you’ll undoubtedly find the inspiration you’ve been looking for!

Elaine Young


If you’re after modern and sleek interiors then Elaine is the one for you. Originating from Brazil and now living in Utah with her family, Elaine started her Instagram back in September, 2019 and has since built an engaged community around her who follow her lifestyle tips and family adventures. 

Although this roundup is about home and living, Elaine also focuses on cruelty free products. She wonders why, when these days there are so many industries that don’t do testing on animals, why are people still buying products from them?

If you’re one for keeping our furry friends safe check out some of her product reviews on her feed. Elaine wants to live a life with no pain or fear, something she feels animals have a right to as well. 

Stay tuned for more home, living and CF product recommendations from Elaine!

Emma George


Emma is a mother of four who is a master of multi-tasking – as you’ll see from her content! Much of her feed is filled with parenting and lifestyle content as well as posts about being a vegan family and their experiences with this. 

In terms of home and living, she loves to do all her own DIY and share her knowledge with her followers to save them money, and have fun doing so! She’s all about learning new skills as she goes and now does all her own tiling, plasting, the odd bit of electrics, plumbing and laying flooring – that’s all whilst looking after four children too!

As an account which offers a little bit of everything, we’re confident there’s something for everyone on Emma’s feed. Check it out today!

Katy Workman


Katy is a mother and content creator from Bolton, UK, who’s artistic flair shines through her Instagram feed. Never will you find a plain or boring post on her account, with every post exuding colour and life. 

Katy’s focus is on family life, adventure and at-home living. Whilst she doesn’t post about renovation or DIYs, she features an array of content suited to anyone looking for inspiration for their home life. Whether you’re looking for tips on amusing your children, family adventures, healthy living or simple and delicious cooking, Katy’s account will certainly tick the box for you. 

Emma Hartas

Looking for some wholesome fun with the family? Emma is the one for you. 

Emma started her channel because she was a new mum who had just moved to a new area right at the beginning of lockdown. She loves to share her family’s stories, especially because being a military family isn’t easy at the best of times. She’s found so much love and support on Instagram from her community of followers and values the relationships she’s made along the way very highly. 

On her feed, Emma loves to promote confidence for mums to have their own style of fashion and feel beautiful. Moreover, she loves to promote their happy family life and how crazy it can be; in her words “it’s a real life”.

Since having her daughter she’s become more environmentally conscious. Having never really considered her impact before, she was shocked once she began researching all the ways our actions as humans damage the world around us. Since, she’s developed a love for buying environmentally friendly products and really looks forward to teaching Elaina (her daughter) all the ways we can help to save our planet.

If you want to be inspired to get out into the world and have adventures as a family then we cannot recommend Emma’s Instagram enough. Head over to to see the world through her eyes and feel the positive vibes. 

Megan Harrison


Another one for those into simplistic and natural living, Megan’s Instagram features moments she’s captured from her life with her sleek and stylised photography skills. 

Following this theme of wholesome family content, Megan’s feed is no exception. From family days out with her young’un and at-home tips for creating the family home of your dreams, to her favourite recipes and health, beauty and wellness products, her content makes us long for a simpler time.

Having recently added another member to their family, Megan’s account is a great option for new mums who are looking for some inspiration in their lives. Head over to her feed to check out why we love her content so much!

That brings our ultimate list of home and living content creators to an end. I’m sure we’ll come across more accounts that we love and will share them as and when we find them. 

For now, we hope this list has a little something for everyone. Whether you recently moved home and are looking for DIY tips and renovation inspiration, or you’re a family looking to make the most of your time together, go on adventures and create a beautiful family home, this list of creators is for you! 

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