To Experience The World Better, Plan Your Next Trip With Tips From These 8 Travel Content Creators

Amid the global pandemic a light has emerged at the end of the tunnel. Provided by widespread vaccination programs protecting millions from the virus, people can finally start planning their next trip whether it’s domestic or international.

This week we’ve put together a list of content creators who create travel related content to help inspire you to start researching for your next vacation and to get out there and experience the majesty of our world.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the list!

Lucy Hawkins


Lucy started her Instagram as a way to document her travels and offer recommendations to people. As a keen traveler and photographer, she greatly enjoys sharing her experiences with her followers through the visual medium of Instagram.

Recently, Lucy has been trying to travel more sustainably and think of her impact on the environment. She rightly believes that more local travel will help with this rather than getting on a plane to far flung places across the globe.

Having stayed in an eco-hotel made from shipping containers in London last year she plans on supporting accommodations which do their part to reduce their impact on the environment.

Since the Coronavirus hit, Lucy has shifted her focus to food blogging, trying to “travel through food instead”. When lockdowns have lifted she plans to focus on staycations in the UK and day trips (with a few food recommendations thrown in there too).

Stay tuned for her first post-lockdown trip to the Cotswolds that she has planned for next month!

Anabel Bravo


Anabel is a Cuban content creator who moved to Zambia at the age of 12 and fell in love with the wondrous nature Africa has to offer. Since she has lived in a few countries and started a family who match her passion for discovering new places and experiencing new cultures.

Having originally started her Instagram account as a hobby, things couldn’t be more different now as Anabel has nurtured a passion for showing her followers the world through her eyes.

Check out her IG to take a visual dive into Anabel’s and her family’s world.

Tori Wade


Tori is a vegan, single mum to her very sweet 4-year-old daughter who started her social channels as a way to catch up with her friends and post photos of her little girl. From there it grew into her sharing travel photos, making loads of connections with likeminded people and growing an audience who love to follow her every move.

Tori loves taking her daughter away on trips to explore the UK and loves trying new vegan foods, especially when travelling abroad.

This year Tori plans on focusing on sustainability and becoming eco-friendlier. She’s always on the hunt for ways she can become more sustainable by altering different aspect of her life.

Check out her IG to see what I’m talking about!

Samantha Wragg @coco.travels

Samantha is a travel and adventure blogger over at Coco Travels who’s on a journey to explore the world one adventure at a time. With everything from UK staycations, to European explorations and backpacker adventures in further afield destinations across the planet, there’s something for everything on Samantha’s blog.

A few years ago, Samantha fell in love with the great outdoors and all the amazing activities you can do in the natural world like hiking, paddle boarding and swimming. This sparked a motivation within her to protect this beauty for future generations to enjoy too.

In 2018, Samantha was lucky enough to go snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef and see the damage that’s been done first hand. As a result, Samatha started to make small changes in her daily life to live more sustainably. Now she’s started her sustainability journey she’s making changes all the time that you can follow on her blog or IG account.

Nowadays you’re most likely to find her hiking near her home in the Peak District with her King Charles Spaniel, swimming in the sea or taking in a sunset with a glass of fizz!

Lisa Daco


Lisa is a lifestyle influencer whose focus is on trying to become greener in the areas of fashion, travel and food. On her Instagram her passion for travelling and fashion shines through her content and you’ll always find her engaging with her audience in the comments.

She loves being a micro-influencer and all the opportunities it affords her to network with likeminded people and to learn new things every day.

We definitely recommend checking out her feed for some fashion tips and travel inspiration!

Natalie Laura Barron @therunawaygrad

Natalie is an ethical and sustainable travel blogger whose mission is to support the people and wildlife of our world. Even at an early age, Natalie was completely fascinated by the world we live in, by the culture, the nature and the intricate systems that maintain and support life.

Surprisingly though, it wasn’t until university that she began to understand the true impact we have on this world. She came to realise how damaging tourism can be, the brutal ways in which animals are exploited, and just how much our environment was struggling because of our lifestyles.

Wanting to help solve the problem, but not entirely sure how to put her skills to use to do so, she decided not to continue with academia and, instead, unite her love of travel with her knowledge of zoology and conservation to create The Runaway Grad.

Nowadays her goal is to teach others how they can travel sustainable, experience nature, and help support conversation efforts around the world.

“If we all learn how to make small changes to the way we travel, together we can make a huge difference.”

Natalie Laura Barron

Check out her blog and IG feed to learn how to enjoy travel without sacrificing the environment in the process!

Arianna Soro


Arianna is a 25-year-old Italian girl who moved to France a few years ago to follow her dream job to work as a flight attendant.

During the October quarantine in France last year she decided to renovate her Instagram to show off her love for travelling, taking pictures and also helping others to plan their travels. As she was always helping her family and friends to plan their own vacations she thought that if her ideas and tips were useful to them then there’s no reason they wouldn’t be useful to others too.

As an eco-warrior, Arianna is extremely mindful of her impact of the environment, looking to preserve the world for future generation through her use of eco-friendly products for cleaning her home and her personal care routines.

Head over to her IG account to immerse yourself within Arianna’s world.

Lauren Pollock @passporttosustainability  

Lauren is a blogger and educator who spent the first 15 years of her career working in environmental education through outdoor education programs and developing curriculums for an arboretum, the San Diego Zoo and other nonprofit programs. Working with children in nature has always been the joy of her career. Children have a natural wonder and curiosity about the outdoors which always gives her hope for the future.

In 2004, Lauren moved overseas to teach internationally. Spending years teaching in Japan, Indonesia, and Saudi Arabia has provided her amazing opportunities to travel the world and experience other cultures. Through her adventures around the world, she has been privileged to learn of the creative ways different cultures live sustainably.

“There’s a lot of good happening out there, we just need to learn from each other!”

Lauren Pollock

Her blog, The Passport to Sustainability (A Global Approach to Sustainable Living), was born from the idea of sharing how other cultures approach sustainable living. The blog combines her two main passions: living in harmony with the environment and traveling the globe.  

“We can do better environmentally when we expand our horizons and learn from others around the world.”  

Lauren Pollock

Go check out Lauren’s blog for incredibly unique perspectives on sustainability from around the world!

Whether you’re another person stuck at home dreaming of your next trip away or you’re a travel brand looking for influencers to promote your new product line, this list of travel creators is for you.  

After tips on sustainable travel? Looking for inspiration for a UK staycation? Perhaps you’d like to learn about good places to explore with children? Whatever you’re after, there’s a little something for everyone in this list.  

Thanks to these wonderful creators for their inspiring content and the good they are spreading throughout the world. Keep up the good work!  

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