Top Veggie Influencers to Follow in 2021

Vegetarian and plant-based diets are becoming more and more popular around the world. It’s not just better for your health, but it’s better for the planet too. Not to mention, reducing your intake of meat products will save you a lot of money on your grocery shops!

Whether you’re a veteran veggie pro or wanting to introduce more plant-based recipes into your meal plans, these vegetarian influencers create great content to give you inspiration and recipe ideas.

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Sometimes it’s difficult to come up with new veggie food ideas, especially as, by definition, your available ingredients list is reduced. So it’s super helpful to know some vegetarian content creators who can help keep your ideas fresh in the kitchen. Hand picked from our community, here’s a list of some of our favourite veggie influencers to get you on your way!

Antoine Plantoine

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In 2017 Antoine started following a vegan diet due to watching a few documentaries about animal agriculture and the impact on the environment. After a few months he started realising the health benefits and also the fact that he didn’t need to eat animals to have delicious food.

He found that many people thought that it would be a difficult choice or something that would be inaccessible for them. As a result he figured he’d try and show people through his instagram page how easy and fun a lifestyle choice it can be whilst also reducing your carbon footprint. One of the reasons he enjoys living in London is the huge mix of cultures and flavours that he can experience.

He’s also a huge fan of street food and whether it be Portobello Road Market or Brick Lane he loves exploring the best of what the city has to offer. If he had to just choose one cuisine it would have to be a veganised Caribbean classic such as jerk tofu with rice and peas and Caribbean steamed veg. The content on his page is aimed at showcasing independent plant-based vendors and also creating his own simple tasty recipes to make at home. He also likes to feature plant-based options for brands and for larger chain stores and offer honest reviews on taste.

Erin Sarah

Erin follows a vegan diet for a multitude of reasons. She’s always ignored how her food gets to her because it would upset her when she thought about what happened to the animals. Then she looked into the environmental impact of a vegan diet and it really struck her.

When she finally went vegan in January 2020 the benefits she felt in her body were incredible. Erin has a health condition and the only thing that has helped her symptoms (chronic pain and acne in particular) was changing to a vegan diet. Her favourite vegan dishes are creamy pasta full of veggies and nutritional yeast. Any veggies will do as long as there is pasta! Her content mainly includes vegan food, health and fitness. Every now and again it’s just lifestyle things that she enjoys and likes or buys.

Lynsey Clayton

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Lynsey is vegan predominantly for the animals, but the health and environment benefits are a bonus. She doesn’t believe animals should die and suffer for our taste buds.

Her fantastic blog, Monsoon of Random, is a resource for ethical living. From veganism to zero waste, fairtrade fashion to social conscience. It’s packed with great vegan recipes and cooking ideas! Her favourite dish is this vegan tofu breakfast scramble that you can find here on her site.

Gopi Chand

Gopi is a nutritionist and recipe developer and her ethos is to create simple nourishing recipes. She loves cooking and creating colourful dishes and her recipes focus on simple, nutritious and everything in moderation. The majority of her recipes are vegan and vegetarian with some fish recipes.

She loves vegan food as it is plant-based and there are so many nutritious recipes that can be made using plenty of fruit and vegetables, whole grains, alternative non-dairy sources, plant-based protein and healthy fats. Gopi sees her role as to inspire and to be inspired by others.

Lia Totty

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Lia follows a vegan diet because it’s good for the environment and her health. Her favorite vegan dishes include vegan veggie pizza especially with chao cheese on naan bread. She also loves a good vegan chili, as well as fried cauliflower or fried tofu.

Her content is about sustainable vegan fashion, and the carbon lite lifestyle. She has a good selection of vegan recipes that she’s blogged and shares to her Instagram, but she also blogs about organic or recycled vegan fashion, and vegan leather alternatives.

Pamper You

Pamper follows a vegan diet that is rich in nutrients and full of flavour. Understanding the health benefits, her diet is designed to help to lose excess fats and be as healthy as possible.

She shares her lifestyle ideas and vegan food journey with her followers on Instagram as well as making videos on her YouTube channel.

Kaj Kumari

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Kaj has been vegan for 4 years now, but she used to eat all meat and dairy before discovering the truths of the industries and the lies we’ve been literally fed. She follows a vegan diet for the ethics and saving lives of animals. Secondly, she reaps the benefits of a plant based diet which gives her better health and energy, as well as helping the environment for a cleaner world.

She can’t pick out a favourite vegan dish because you can veganise literally everything! She’s a big fan of a roast still with all the veggie trimmings, replacing the meat with a pie or substitute steak. She also still loves pizza too! Her Instagram is all about positivity and she incorporates veganism into her stories when she’s cooking, sharing recipes, or gifted food deliveries which she loves. Follow her for healthy lifestyle ideas and her vegan stories highlight is full of yummy goodness!

Abbi Bishop

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Abbi has been vegan for four and a half years now. She’s all about low-impact travel and sustainability is her focus. She travels around her full time job, staying at eco-friendly accommodation with environmentalism at the heart of her actions. At home, she looks to reduce her impact on the planet in as many ways as possible.

Her blog features great ideas on how to be a more eco-friendly traveler and also features her own vegan travel guides. Check out her site for all things sustainable travel and how to navigate the world as a vegan!

Hopefully you like the look of some of the delicious veggie and plant-based food on offer from these brilliant content creators. Be sure to give them a follow to stay up to date with their latest recipes and ideas!


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