Veggie And Vegan Recipes From Our Favourite Food Bloggers

We all know that eating meat and animal products contributes a huge amount to climate change. It’s accountable for a big proportion of greenhouse gas emissions from the farming processes and the animals themselves. Meat and dairy production is responsible for 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emission. Not to mention that it takes more than 2,400 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of beef.

Following a vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian diet is a great way to reduce your own carbon footprint. It’s a great way to be more eco-friendly and you’ll also save money and have a healthier lifestyle while doing so. With that in mind, here’s some great recipes from bloggers in our community for inspiration for vegan and vegetarian recipe ideas!

Let’s start the day with a smoothie!

Vegan Banana & Coffee Breakfast Smoothie


If you’re anything like me, you can’t start your day without the coffee kick. Vicky’s vegan smoothie offers a delicious fruit and coffee combo to start your day. It’s super quick and easy too, just chuck the ingredients into a blender and blitz them up to have you smoothie ready in under one minute! Head over to her blog to find the recipe here.

Cauliflower Tikka Bites


Gopi has a bunch of great veggie recipes on her blog and offers delicious food ideas with a focus on healthy meals. Perfect as a starter or even a snack with friends, her cauliflower tikka bites pack flavour and spice accompanied with a chilli yoghurt dip. Head over to her blog to get the full recipe here.

Vegan Bao Buns



Andrea has a whole range of delicious veggie meal recipes for every occassion. Using vegan beef, he’s concocted this brilliant vegan bao bun recipe. The prep time is about 2 hours for this one, but all that work is worth it to create these mouth watering asian bites. A great recipe to cook with friends or family, this one looks bun-believable (sorry for the bun pun). Check out the full recipe on his blog here.

Pickled Walnut Tarts



When challenged by the brand Opies to make a recipe using their pickled walnuts, Heidi came up with this great party treat recipe for pickled walnut tarts. The perfect canapé for when you’re hosting friends or family, these will become a go-to recipe for your gatherings! Head over to her blog and find the full recipe here.

Vegan Crockpot Lasagne


Nadine loves Italian food and since going dairy-free she’s come up with this super easy vegan lasagne recipe that everyone could enjoy. After lots of research and testing out recipes, Nadine has found the perfect way to have this Italian classic using plant-based ingredients. Find the full recipe to this great family meal on her blog here.

Chocolate Banana Cake


Laura Kate Lucas - Manchester Fashion, Food and Lifestyle Blogger | Healthy Chocolate Banana Cake - Quarantine Bakes

Rounding off our list of tasty veggie and vegan recipes is this dessert from Laura. She’s an expert baker and has a bunch of cake recipes, this banana chocolate cake looking particularly delicious. A perfect recipe to add to your sweet treat repertoire, you can have all the yummy sweetness while also being relatively good with this healthy cake! Catch the full recipe over on her blog here.

Whether you’re a veteran plant-based pro, or you’re wanting to try cooking some vegan or vegetarian meals for the first time, this list of recipes is a great place to start. Follow the bloggers to stay up to date with their latest food inspiration and become more eco-friendly in the process!

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