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Where to Find Influencers for your Digital Marketing

How to find influencers for your brand

We’ve collated the best ways to find the perfect influencer fit without all the fuss.

Influencer marketing is a fantastic opportunity for your brand; Carefully collated collaborations with appropriate influencers will help you increase brand exposure and boost sales. Moreover, you’ll foster devoted long-term relationships between your brand and your influencers which is a crucial element to influencer marketing campaigns.

Sounds amazing, right? Unfortunately, all that glitters is not gold. Although influencer marketing is a valuable asset to your business, the positive outcomes of collaborations are just the tip of the iceberg. It’s crucial to remember that, beneath the surface, there have been numerous hours spent on in-depth research, analysis, and discussions with content creators.

Narrowing down the countless options and choosing the best influencer fit for your brand is a real challenge.But don’t worry! Here are a couple of hacks to make the whole process easier!

Where do I find influencers?

The beauty of social media is that it evolves and grows on a daily basis. However, it’s also overwhelming. Especially when you want to find a specific group of people and don’t know where to start.


Hashtags allow you to access a variety of specific content and find creators who share the same values with your brand. Whatever social media site you use, hashtags are a great place to start your investigation. Simply choose the terms that best define your company and enter them into a search engine. Being aware of popular trends helps a lot! We’ve listed a couple to get you started on the side according to categories. Sites like best hashtag will collate even more for you.

Also, don’t forget to include some hashtags like #collab #ad or #sponsored to find the influencers who are open to collaboration.

Useful hashtags according to business type

#advicetok #learning #education #learn #school #motivation #english #love #study
#sustainable #eco #sustainability
#sustainableliving #plasticfree #nature

Influencer Hub Platforms

A place that allows you to find detailed information about influencers? Sounds good to us! Influencer marketing platforms not only have a large database of the greatest and most reliable content providers, but they also can give you an insight into their contact details and metrics. If you need some help in researching the good candidates, you can definitely save some time by visiting these sites:

  • –  Kinsume
  • –  Upfluence
  • –  trendHERO
  • –  GRIN:
  • –  Klear
  • Moreover, many platforms provide frequent round-up posts regarding a specific influencer niche. 
  • LinkedInNetworking and communicating with people is the essence of marketing, so it’s always worth staying in touch with professionals! LinkedIn is a great place to build your brand’s profile and get some advice from others in your industry – especially in influencer marketing groups! You can also use this platform to reach out to content creators by using filters and categories adequate to your brand.

Understanding brand values to decide the perfect fit

It’s important to be aware of what kind of message you want to put out to the public. If the influencer you choose to collaborate with does not share your values, the collaboration may appear dishonest. And trust us, the consumer will notice. One of the key reasons for the long-term success of a business is a reliable relationship with the audience, so don’t sabotage it by picking the wrong people to represent your brand. Examine the influencers’ usual topics of interest, how they interact with their audiences, and how they want to develop their content – do they align with your business values? If so, the collaboration could yield fantastic outcomes for both of you!

Consider the metrics

“it is better to choose the influencer with a smaller, but more active and consistent community”

Now that you’ve narrowed it down the list to influencers that match the brand voice, the last step is to consider the metrics of your influencer finalists to determine which one will best help you achieve your marketing campaign goals. If you’re targeting professionals, it’s no use collaborating with an influencer who’s core demographic is teenagers for example.

In a similar vein, engagement rate is definitely a critical aspect to consider. It will tell you what percent of the followers are genuinely interested in their posts. As a result, you should make it a priority to see how many people interact with the content (comment, share, like) in order to assess the influencer’s ability to drive genuine traffic to your website.

Don’t just look at the most popular posts; instead, look at their entire feed and see how the audience reacts to a range of topics, especially the ones that aren’t as popular. Is there a big difference? Remember, sometimes it is better to choose the influencer with a smaller, but more active and consistent community rather than a content creator who has thousands of neutral or unresponsive followers.

Influencer marketing is one of the fastest-growing online industries. And it’s no surprise: potential purchasers are significantly more influenced by the words of an influencer, who they believe is far more credible than any television or Internet advertisement. That’s why knowing how to find a perfect content creator is a big step toward your brand’s success!

That was our ultimate guide on how to find influencers to fit your marketing campaign goals. You can start your search right now by checking out our creator series lists of UK influencers. If you need more advice on influencer marketing, check out our newest guide.

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