Why choose Influencer Marketing in 2022?

When the pandemic first struck, marketeers and influencers alike were uncertain about the potentially devastating effect it would have on the influencer marketing industry. Worries about the effect of new FTC Regulations, follower farms and ethical implications of certain algorithms have also caused some to doubt viability of influencer marketing in 2022. However, despite all these challenges, brands are expected to spend a whopping $15 billion on influencer marketing in 2022 alone.

And here’s why:


MORE PEOPLE are spending MORE TIME on social media than ever before

“The average daily time spent using social media is 2h 27m.

Global WebIndex 2022

It’s not just the amount of social media users that have gone up since the pandemic – 77 million people globally- but the amount of time people spend scrolling has increased too. GWI’s 2022 data reported that people are spending a whopping 43% more time stuck to their screens since the pandemic began. Which means the potential audience outreach for an influencer campaign is bigger than ever before moving into the final half of 2022.


Tik Tok’s Success proves further growth is coming.

“TikTok officially has over 1 billion monthly active users.”

CNBC, 2O22

Despite recent concerns over users data security, Tik Tok continues to be as addicting and contagious as ever. Engagement numbers are some of the highest of all social platforms, and it has inspired big changes and imitations from other platforms like Instagram (i.e., its reels feature). It’s meteoric rise in the social media space is proof of the continuing business potential of platforms that continue to innovate. If your brand’s campaign includes targeting anyone between the ages of 13 and 60, Tik-Tok is where you want to be.


Social Media Platforms are pushing Creator-Friendly Tools

“leading platforms are [still] investing in resources that encourage collaboration”

FORBES, 2022

Social media platforms make the most money when people are consistently engaged with them. So, it’s a no brainer that keeping influencers motivated to create content is a corner stone of their development process. That’s why despite all the challenges in the last two years, we’ve seen platforms continue to invest in creating content production tools for influencers on their platforms. 

For example, Instagram’s recently developed Collabs, allows creators to build content together and then take advantage of a larger shared audience. Similarly, their “Add Yours” stickers boost engagement on Influencer’s stories. Instagram’s link stickers also provide new opportunities for nano- and micro-influencers to create direct traffic to brand landing pages. Which means they can easily measure the value they’ve provided for brands.

All these developments indicate the continuing future potential that social media influencers and their platforms will continue to offer influencer marketeers in 2022.


Social Media Platforms are integrating e-commerce capabilities.

“more than 50% of consumers had purchased a product on at least one [social media] platform.”


With Instagram announcing a new native affiliate tool and Tik Tok’s new social commerce feature “Tik Tok shopping“, consumers are clearly embracing shopping directly from social media platforms. Platforms’ push for in-app shopping has now expanded the marketing capabilities of social platforms. Influencers can now deliver both ends of the marketing funnel; create brand awareness and drive a customer purchase. With Instagram reporting that more than 130 million Instagram users click on shoppable posts every month, the case for influencer marketing opportunities for sponsored posts of shoppable products is clear.

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